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tox: run, add 'venv' to run any command

Authored by hashar on Mar 23 2016, 8:40 PM.


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rMSCA818639cfa5d8: tox: run, add 'venv' to run any command
Patch without arc
git checkout -b D161 && curl -L | git apply

The virtualenv created via tox were missing the scripts from /bin. The
reason is tox was instructed to skip install (via skipsdist)
since scap did not have any setup script.

Meanwhile, scap has received a that takes care of installing

Drop skipsdist = True to have tox run 'pip install'
Install scap in develop mode (ease hacking) via usedevelop = True
Indicate tox minimal version is now 1.6 (for usedevelop)
Add a new virtualenv 'venv' to easily run a command in the proper

Example usage:

$ tox -evenv -- scap --help
// dump scap help

As a side effect, that fix documentation building which was not able
to find the script to generate their inline help eg:

.. program-output:: ../bin/mw-update-l10n --help

bin/refreshCdbJsonFiles is still not installed. Done via D162.

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rMSCA Scap
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Sorry for the Jenkins failure, I still have to figure out how to push to the staging area :-(

As for Differential workflow, should I wait for more review and then just arc land master?

demon edited edge metadata.Mar 24 2016, 2:47 PM

Go ahead and arc land away! :)

This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.

Did arc patch D161 followed by arc land masterand that explode:

 TARGET  Landing onto "master", selected by following tracking branches upstream to the closest remote.
 REMOTE  Using remote "origin", selected by following tracking branches upstream to the closest remote.
 FETCH  Fetching origin/master...
Usage Exception: There are no commits on "master" which are not already present on the target.

But arc land worked :D

demon added a comment.Mar 24 2016, 8:24 PM

arc land master does not land to master, it tries to land master onto your branch.

If you had been on master, you could've done eg: arc land arcpatch-D161 to land your patch branch onto master.

So yeah: behavior is arc land {this thing I want to land} and not arc patch {this I want to land on}

I got confused by this page that shown: Next step: arc land master and blindly copy pasted it :(

mmodell added a comment.EditedMar 24 2016, 9:08 PM

It's using the original branch name 'master' - arc operates under the assumption that you will create a branch for a patch and then land that branch to master (or wherever you branched from) when you are done. You use arc feature SomeFeature to start a branch, or just git checkout -b SomeFeature works too

So if I understand properly, in Next step: arc land master, 'master' refers to whatever my local branch name was?