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Authored by Ricordisamoa on May 12 2015, 11:52 AM.
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Maniphest Tasks
T95309: make gerritbot remove the "patch-for-review" tag once a patch is merged (or abandoned)
rTWDZ5c16f6a2ea3c: Initial commit
rTWDI5c16f6a2ea3c: Initial commit
Patch without arc
git checkout -b D1 && curl -L | git apply
Test Plan

No test plan!
I don't see why this is required anyway...

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rTWDI Labs-Tools-Wikidipendenza
Lint Not Applicable
Tests Not Applicable

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mmodell removed a reviewer: mmodell.
This revision now requires review to proceed.Oct 26 2015, 7:26 PM

Update and license notice

Change English link from broken version to APerson's tool

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