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Clean up the deployment host

Authored by thcipriani on Dec 9 2016, 1:14 AM.
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T112509: scap3 should repack / pack-refs git repos under /srv/deployment
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rMSCA38289c69e15a: Clean up the deployment host
Patch without arc
git checkout -b D503 && curl -L | git apply

I've been watching beta since we've started committing to git for every
deployment, and it seems that the git directory gets out-of-hand pretty
quickly. Leaving loose objects laying around when we flatten the
/srv/mediawiki directory makes for a large /srv/mediawiki/.git

The flattening of the mediawiki directory has been running for a week on
beta. The size of /srv/mediawiki/.git yesterday was 829 MB, after a
git gc it was 334 MB.

This commit runs git gc --auto for every deployment on
/srv/mediawiki. It also handles clean up of tags for all scap3 repos,
since there are a lot hanging around.

Should fix T112509

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Couldn't we set this in ./.git/config for a given repo so it happens more frequently/aggressively?

On further thought...we probably want to run this frequently, but tune some of the settings so --auto does really useful things each time. Default retention periods for unreferenced stuff (and reflog) could be shorter.

Also I'm finding some rumblings of a gc.autodetach config that runs it in the background so we'd be non-blocking.

These two settings would probably help: = 1000
gc.pruneexpire = now

It seems that gc.autodetach defaults to true when it's available so there is no need to set it.

We might want to experiment with gc.autopacklimit since that could have a large impact on rsync efficiency (as well as git fetch efficiency once we switch to using git transport)

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maybe also do git reflog expire and set gc.reflogExpireUnreachable=now

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