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Remap all submodules to tin

Authored by thcipriani on Oct 6 2015, 12:18 AM.
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rMWTS20a383d71327: Remap all submodules to tin
rMSCA20a383d71327: Remap all submodules to tin
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git checkout -b D9 && curl -L | git apply

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This seems to say that all submodules have to be named '/repo/modules/something' which isn't very flexible. Am I missing something?


The path here is actually: [server's gitdir]/modules/[submodule-path], so, for example, to point to the restbase submodule the remote url is: http://tin/deployment/restbase/.git/modules/restbase

This is the submodule's gitdir path as of git 1.7.8 (tin is on 1.7.9):

In testing I found that, while a local submodule clone will obey a submodule .git file's gitdir: [path], a remote http submodule clone just complains that [submodule/path]/.git/ is not a directory. As such you have to update the remote's submodule path to point to the location of a submodule's actual git directory at [parent gitdir]/modules/[submodule-path]

Break apart submodule update and git checkout

The tasks.git_checkout command was previously handling submodule
checkout as well. Now that we're remapping submodules, the additional
functionality warrants its own function.

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I think we should switch to using get_logger() and stop using logger arguments, given how problematic the @decorator function signature stuff turned out to be. Is there an advantage to using the logger kwarg?

This is not a blocker though, I'll accept this as is.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 7 2015, 1:00 PM

Can we make this optional? There might be situations where it makes more sense to pull from gerrit (or eventually phabricator) instead of tin.

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Make submodule mapping to tin optional

Also, reduce the use of the "logger" keyword argument


One possible solution to avoid such repetition in tasks.git_* (logger, user, location etc.) and actually a lot of other tasks functions would be to introduce a basic Command or Proc class/module that encapsulates the command string, executing user, child logger, etc. There was actually a lot about checks.CheckJob and checks.execute, namely the event-loop schedule/run/poll/wait execution pattern, that I thought could live in such a module as well.

Anyway, I'm of the same mind: it's something to think about for future refactoring but not a blocker of current work.


We just want to process one level of submodules but won't this will process all .gitmodules files recursively?


Just throwing out a straw man here but since you're strip()-ing below, you might want to just split on '='. That would catch edge cases where someone might have manually modified the .gitmodules files and used no spaces (which I think is still technically valid as far as git is concerned).


I like the idea of a command / process class, and in fact I've implemented (badly) something like that in iscap. The reason for the abstraction in iscap is that I want to support executing regular shell subprocesses as well as python cli.Application instances, where the python commands can potentially run in-process instead of via the shell. The same abstraction would be really nice for remote commands which could have a local instance to represent the remote execution, making the code a lot more consistent and seamless (the remote execution would be completely abstracted away from the high-level logic)

Make submodule remap non-recursive, Add comments

git_remap_submodules now only looks for the top-level .gitmodules file
Added comments about how non-bare submodules are mapped for http remotes.

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Looks good!

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