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Jun 11 2020, 4:03 AM
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Every time `new Revision( ... )` is used in core, as of 6/11/20
* Does not include the Revision class's static constructors, all of which are deprecated
* Does not include tests
EditPage::getBaseRevision - method is hard deprecated
MovePage::moveUnsafe - needed for a hook
MovePage::moveToInternal - needed for a hook (x2)
RevisionStore::insertRevisionOn - needed for a hook
PageUpdater::doModify - needed for a hook, and returned
PageUpdater::doCreate - needed for a hook, and returned
PageUpdater::getAtomicSectionUpdate - needed for two hooks
Title::getFirstRevision - method is hard deprecated
HistoryPager::historyLine - needed for a hook (x2)
ApiQueryRevisions::run - needed token functions
LinksUpdate::getRevision - method is hard deprecated
DifferenceEngine::showDiffPage - needed for a hook (x4)
LocalFile::recordUpload2 - needed for a hook
ImportableOldRevisionImporter::import - NEEDS TO BE REPLACED
Article::getRevisionFetched - method is hard deprecated
Article::__get (mRevision) - hard deprecated
PageArchive::getRevision - NEEDS TO BE REPLACED
PageArchive::getArchivedRevision - method is hard deprecated
PageArchive::getPreviousRevision - method is hard deprecated
PageArchive::undeleteRevisions - needed for a hook
WikiPage::getOldestRevision - method is hard deprecated
WikiPage::getRevision - method is hard deprecated
WikiPage::getUndoContent - method is hard deprecated
WikiPage::doUpdateRestrictions - needed for a hook
WikiPage::insertProtectNullRevision - method is hard deprecated
WikiPage::commitRollback - NEEDS TO BE REPLACED (x2)
Parser::fetchCurrentRevisionOfTitle - hard deprecated
Parser::statelessFetchRevision - hard deprecated
Parser::statelessFetchTemplate - needed for a hook
Parser::statelessFetchTemplate - RETURNED, NEEDS TO BE REPLACED
Parser::getRevisionObject - hard deprecated
ParserOptions::getCurrentRevisionCallback - hard deprecated
ImportReporter::reportPage - needed for a hook
ContribsPager::tryToCreateValidRevision - method is hard deprecated
User::getNewMessageLinks - method is hard deprecated

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