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LVS switch move

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May 25 2023, 1:20 PM
927 B
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LVS switch move

1. cumin1001 - disable pybal on lvs
sudo cumin 'lvs1019*' 'disable-puppet "decomm" && systemctl stop pybal.service'
2. deploy1002.eqiad.wmnet - lock deploys
scap lock --all "LVS maintenance in eqiad, blocking deploys T322937"
3. Wait for all existing connections to drop off on lvs1019 & roughly equivalent to be present on 1020
4. Get John to do move physically
5. Check all looks ok in terms of reachability/MAC addresses/pings etc.
ip neigh show etc, ping
6. cumin1001 - re-enable pybal
sudo cumin 'lvs1019*' 'enable-puppet "UNSURE" && systemctl start pybal.service'
7. Check BGP from pybal looks ok, check connections on grafana graph start showing again for lvs
8. deploy1002.eqiad.wmnet - unlock deploys
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