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Jun 21 2017, 9:21 PM
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[2017-06-20 10:01:37] <srish_aka_tux> Hello to GSOC & Outreachy candidates, if there are any around :)
[2017-06-20 10:01:47] <harshcrop> hello
[2017-06-20 10:01:53] <feroz> Hello everyone!
[2017-06-20 10:02:02] <medha> Hi guys :)
[2017-06-20 10:02:03] <keerthana> Hello!
[2017-06-20 10:02:13] <mine0901> Hello people :)
[2017-06-20 10:02:16] <happy5214|away> Hey!
[2017-06-20 10:02:44] <harjotsingh> Hello
[2017-06-20 10:02:47] <codezee> Hi everyone!
[2017-06-20 10:03:14] <acagastya> Looks like a lot of GSoC candidates are online.
[2017-06-20 10:03:42] <srish_aka_tux> Sumit and I would like to welcome you all to our first combined GSOC+Outreachy IRC chat of this summer! Thank you for taking time of your busy schedule for this meeting!
[2017-06-20 10:04:04] <codezee> o/
[2017-06-20 10:04:06] <acagastya> There was a meeting?
[2017-06-20 10:04:14] <infobliss> thank you :)
[2017-06-20 10:04:17] <medha> Thanks, it feels great to connect with other developers here.
[2017-06-20 10:04:23] <srish_aka_tux> @acagastya it's for current students! :)
[2017-06-20 10:04:49] <acagastya> On this channel?
[2017-06-20 10:04:49] <srish_aka_tux> As you all might know that the format of both GSOC & Outreachy program is more or less the same. And, so we decided to organize this meeting at the same time.
[2017-06-20 10:05:07] <srish_aka_tux> The goal of this meeting is for members of both the programs to meet with each other, learn more about each other’s work and ask questions!
[2017-06-20 10:05:09] → sejal joined (~sejal@
[2017-06-20 10:05:28] <srish_aka_tux> @sejal hello, we are just starting :)
[2017-06-20 10:05:30] <codezee> acagastya: yes here...
[2017-06-20 10:05:55] <srish_aka_tux> At the end, we will also have time to discuss any program specific queries that you might have.
[2017-06-20 10:06:17] <sejal> Hello :)
[2017-06-20 10:06:33] <srish_aka_tux> One of our hope through this meeting is that it will make the evaluation process much more easy and transparent for all of us at the end :)
[2017-06-20 10:07:12] <srish_aka_tux> And, so before we start I would like everyone to introduce themselves here. Tell us 1) who you are 2) where you are joining from today (city & country)? 3) which program you are participating in (GSOC/ Outreachy?) 4) what is the current temperature in your city?
[2017-06-20 10:07:38] <codezee> we will go in the order of hatshcrop, feroz, medha, keerthana, mine0901, happy5214|away , harjotsingh , infobliss , sejal
[2017-06-20 10:07:42] <codezee> did i miss anyone?
[2017-06-20 10:08:54] <codezee> everyone ready to start?
[2017-06-20 10:09:02] <infobliss> yeah
[2017-06-20 10:09:05] <sejal> yap!
[2017-06-20 10:09:06] <srish_aka_tux> @codezee yeah! looks like that's everyone we've got here
[2017-06-20 10:09:20] <codezee> harshcrop: you can start with the intro...
[2017-06-20 10:09:22] <srish_aka_tux> @codezee would you like to start first???
[2017-06-20 10:09:30] <codezee> oh,..yeah
[2017-06-20 10:09:38] <harshcrop> Harsh Shah joining from Palanpur,India GSoC 32 temp
[2017-06-20 10:10:49] <codezee> Sumit here, from Allahabad, India, admin, 33 C temp
[2017-06-20 10:10:57] <codezee> srish_aka_tux: you please
[2017-06-20 10:11:23] <srish_aka_tux> I’m Srishti, joining from San Francisco, California. It’s pretty sunny here these days and temperature outside is 19 degree C :) I am coordinating GSOC 2017 Outreachy round 14 along with @codezee!
[2017-06-20 10:11:33] <codezee> feroz:
[2017-06-20 10:12:22] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz
[2017-06-20 10:12:34] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz do you want to go next and introduce yourself to the group?
[2017-06-20 10:12:49] <feroz> Hello everyone, I'm Feroz Ahmad and I'm currently pursuing Computer Engineering at Delhi Technological University - New Delhi, India.
[2017-06-20 10:13:00] <codezee> medha: your turn...
[2017-06-20 10:13:05] <medha> Hi, I'm Medha Bansal. I'm an Outreachy intern based in New Delhi, India, working with the WikiEduDashboard project. Delhi is usually quite hot this time of the year, and temperatures have been running in the the range of 43-47 degree celcius for the past few days.
[2017-06-20 10:13:13] <codezee> keerthana: yours
[2017-06-20 10:13:16] <keerthana> I am Keerthana S, I am from Chennai, India. I am participating in GSoC and working on WikiEd Dashboard. It has been pretty sultry here but today the weather is fine with 33 Celsius due to some rains.
[2017-06-20 10:13:24] <codezee> mine0901:
[2017-06-20 10:13:32] <feroz> I'm currenty staying in Gurgaon (near New Delhi) India and its around 31 degree Celcius here
[2017-06-20 10:13:54] <srish_aka_tux> @medha Ahha, 43, really? :P
[2017-06-20 10:14:13] <happy5214|away> I'm Alexander Jones from San Antonio, Texas, US. I'm participating in GSoC this year. It's about 32 C (90 F) here.
[2017-06-20 10:14:19] <medha> Yeah, we've had a respite due to some pre-monsoon showers :P
[2017-06-20 10:14:31] <codezee> harjotsingh:
[2017-06-20 10:14:33] — happy5214|away hit Enter a little early. Sorry.
[2017-06-20 10:14:39] <codezee> :D
[2017-06-20 10:14:49] <mine0901> I am Sonali, currently living in Jaipur, India. Temperature here is 32 degree C. I am an Outreachy intern.
[2017-06-20 10:15:06] <harjotsingh> Hi, I'm Harjot Singh from Delhi, India.GSoC student developer.Temp is 31 degree Celcius, feels like hell
[2017-06-20 10:15:07] <feroz> @srish_aka_tux Yeah its really 45 degree in here. Today's rain helped to bring temperature down.
[2017-06-20 10:15:18] <infobliss> This is Siddhartha Sarkar joining from Delhi, India. I am a GSoC intern. Given that it is summer the temperature is unusually low at 29 degree C now.
[2017-06-20 10:15:42] <sejal> Hi guys! I am sejal khatri, connecting up from Pune, India. Participating in GSoC. Temp here is 25 degree C, it's cloudy out here.
[2017-06-20 10:16:00] <codezee> srish_aka_tux: I guess all intros done...
[2017-06-20 10:16:09] <codezee> we can move to more stuff
[2017-06-20 10:17:26] <srish_aka_tux> Thank you everyone for introductions! Great to hear weather updates from different corners of the world :)
[2017-06-20 10:17:58] <Niharika> medha: Are you an IGIT/IGDTU alumni?
[2017-06-20 10:17:58] <codezee> so each of you can now tell about their work till now and their project or anything interesting they'd like to share...but very briefly in 3-4 lines.. we'll go in the same order but start when we call out the names...for better coordination
[2017-06-20 10:18:05] <srish_aka_tux> Next question I've for you all is -- in a sentence or two tell us what project you are working on? And, who are your mentors?
[2017-06-20 10:18:20] <medha> @niharika yes!!!
[2017-06-20 10:18:32] <srish_aka_tux> @Niharika hello Niharika! :)
[2017-06-20 10:18:40] — Niharika will be drifting in and out of this discussion
[2017-06-20 10:18:41] <codezee> Niharika: o/
[2017-06-20 10:18:46] <codezee> harshcrop: can you start ?
[2017-06-20 10:18:52] <Niharika> Hey codezee srish_aka_tux!
[2017-06-20 10:18:52] <harshcrop> yup
[2017-06-20 10:19:06] <srish_aka_tux> looks like some lost friends got connected here? :P
[2017-06-20 10:19:08] <medha> @niharika We've met on Quora before, I just remembered!
[2017-06-20 10:19:25] <srish_aka_tux> WOW! too too small small world
[2017-06-20 10:19:26] <Niharika> medha: And maybe Facebook? Not sure.
[2017-06-20 10:19:41] <srish_aka_tux> Repeating my question again for everyone -- in a sentence or two tell us what project you are working on? And, who are your mentors?
[2017-06-20 10:19:59] <codezee> srish_aka_tux: waiting for harshcrop to start...
[2017-06-20 10:20:15] <harshcrop> hello all i am working on Build a similar to @NYPLEmoji bot for Commons images this year in gsoc
[2017-06-20 10:20:21] <srish_aka_tux> @codezee yup! let's do it in the same order > harshcrop, feroz, medha, keerthana, mine0901, happy5214|away , harjotsingh , infobliss , sejal
[2017-06-20 10:20:42] <harshcrop> my mentors are @Dereckson and @ArielGlenn
[2017-06-20 10:20:53] <srish_aka_tux> @harshcrop what is @NYPLEmoji bot?
[2017-06-20 10:21:04] <srish_aka_tux> @harshcrop could you tell us a little bit about that?
[2017-06-20 10:21:57] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz in the meanwhile do you want to go next?
[2017-06-20 10:22:01] <harshcrop> it is a twitter bot for the emoji when you tweet emoji it's give you similar image reply to you as a tweet
[2017-06-20 10:22:32] <feroz> Yeah sure.
[2017-06-20 10:22:35] <harshcrop> what i am doing is make use of wikimedia common images for the bot
[2017-06-20 10:22:56] <srish_aka_tux> Thanks, @harshcrop for the explanation.
[2017-06-20 10:23:08] <harshcrop> welcome :)
[2017-06-20 10:23:09] <feroz> I'm working on a MediaWiki extension, Cargo. It basically helps to encapuslate data from MediaWiki pages into database tables and allows to do query on it. My work is to add support for hierarchical fields, and querying over them using certain hierarchical relations. My mentors are Yaron Koren, Nischay Nahata and Tobias Oetterer.
[2017-06-20 10:23:35] <acagastya> harshcrop, mind if I ask you what will the bot do?
[2017-06-20 10:24:19] <codezee> feroz: any challenges you'd like to share or something you achieved meanwhile?
[2017-06-20 10:24:30] <codezee> medha: till then you can chime in
[2017-06-20 10:25:32] <medha> I'm working on WikiEduDashboard. It's the Wikimedia Education Foundation's Dashboard that supports Wikipedia education assignments, provides data and course management features for groups of Wikipedia users — instructors, students, and others — who are working on a common Wikipedia project. The Dashboard code runs two projects - the Edu Foundation Dashboard and the Programs and Events Dashboard.
[2017-06-20 10:25:49] * tgr → tgr|away
[2017-06-20 10:25:52] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz you can wait to answer
[2017-06-20 10:26:02] <harshcrop> the bot will replay you similar images according to the emoji like you tweet smile it's give to images from the Wikimedia common images
[2017-06-20 10:26:03] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz as we'll get to that later :)
[2017-06-20 10:26:22] <medha> The Foundation Dashboard is for students in the US and Canada, and makes automatic Wikipedia edits that organize a lot of standard elements.
[2017-06-20 10:26:40] <srish_aka_tux> @medha do you want to share link of wikiedu project for others who may not know about it?
[2017-06-20 10:26:51] <medha> My job is to incorporate the same for the Programs and Events Dashboard, which serves a much diverse set of users.
[2017-06-20 10:27:09] <harshcrop> Wikimedia need to use their “Wikimedia Commons" under the license like CC BY or CC BY-SA,
[2017-06-20 10:27:09] <harshcrop> or public domain.So they come up with the creative idea for make re-use of images with Bot.
[2017-06-20 10:27:17] <sejal>
[2017-06-20 10:27:29] <srish_aka_tux> @sejal @medha thanks!
[2017-06-20 10:27:43] <medha> Yes, @sejal and @keerthana are my co-interns on the same project :)
[2017-06-20 10:28:04] <keerthana> My project is to add a feature that gives automatic feedback based on ORES features on revisions to assignment articles by users. My mentors are Sage Ross and Jonathan Morgan
[2017-06-20 10:28:06] <harshcrop> @acagastya hope you get your ans
[2017-06-20 10:28:19] <acagastya> harshcrop, that means if a :-) is used, the bot will return all the graphic files on commons, like a search?
[2017-06-20 10:28:54] <acagastya> And is it limited only for Commons, or other sister projects?
[2017-06-20 10:29:02] <harshcrop> yup
[2017-06-20 10:29:08] ⇐ andre__ quit (~andre__@wikimedia/aklapper): Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[2017-06-20 10:29:09] <srish_aka_tux> Who is next?
[2017-06-20 10:29:16] <harshcrop> right now focus on commons
[2017-06-20 10:29:20] <mine0901> I guess I am next
[2017-06-20 10:29:54] <acagastya> It wouldn't be hard for sister projects and Commons is a common repository and fair use images are hosted locally.
[2017-06-20 10:30:20] <mine0901> I am documenting about how to create Zotero translators which are used by a Wikimedia service named citoid which makes it easy to do citations in Visual Editor. My mentor is Marielle Volz, who developed the citoid tool, my other mentor goes by the nickname czar.
[2017-06-20 10:30:33] <acagastya> But an emoticon or emoji is generally in Public Domain for being too simple to be copyrightable, harshcrop.
[2017-06-20 10:30:56] <srish_aka_tux> @mine0901 @happy5214 @harjotsingh @infobliss @sejal do you want to type in your reply at the same time, as we might not get time to go through all the questions otherwise :)
[2017-06-20 10:31:07] <srish_aka_tux> thanks @mine0901
[2017-06-20 10:31:28] <harshcrop>
[2017-06-20 10:31:35] <harshcrop> check out this
[2017-06-20 10:31:51] <harjotsingh> I'm working on Quiz extension.The goal is to update and upgrade the extension while also adding also data storage feature for users.
[2017-06-20 10:32:15] <infobliss> Hi everyone, I am making a web tool to be hosted at the WMF Tool labs. This tool will let an end user upload images from a GLAM to Commons on the click of a single button. S/he just has to provide the unique ID for the image. The tool will extract the necessary wikidata of the image from the GLAM API and upload to commons.
[2017-06-20 10:32:17] <harjotsingh> In short we're trying to make it prodigious.My mentors - Marielle Volz and Sam Reed
[2017-06-20 10:32:26] <infobliss> So far I have built a prototype test tool. It is end-to-end working for one GLAM called Nationaal Archief in Netherlands. This test tool is already hosted at
[2017-06-20 10:32:32] <happy5214|away> I am following up my 2015 GSoC project, implementing Flow support in Pywikibot, by adding Thanks support to the bot framework. John Mark Vandenberg (jayvdb) is my mentor.
[2017-06-20 10:32:33] <infobliss> I request you to test it and provide your valuable review.
[2017-06-20 10:32:39] <infobliss> My mentor is Basvb. Co-mentors are zhuyifei and tom.
[2017-06-20 10:32:44] <infobliss> Challenge faced: Finding a suitable GLAM from an English speaking country.
[2017-06-20 10:33:39] <happy5214|away> Once my project is finished, bots will be able to thank users for edits and Flow posts.
[2017-06-20 10:33:40] <srish_aka_tux> Thanks @infobliss for sharing the link to your prototype. I will look into it and give you feedback later :) To everyone, if you get a chance do the same :)
[2017-06-20 10:34:07] <sejal> I am working on Wiki Education Foundation's Programs and Events Dashboard( which is used by the global Wikimedia community to organize all kinds of programs, including edit-a-thons, education programs, and other events. My work is based on increasing the overall usability of the Outreach Dashboard, having user testing sessions, finding
[2017-06-20 10:34:09] <sejal> issues with higher priority and solving them. Currently working on making the dashboard mobile friendly.
[2017-06-20 10:34:19] <srish_aka_tux> @happy5214 what Flow posts are you referring to?
[2017-06-20 10:34:39] <acagastya> Quiz extension. Interesting. That will improve the quizzes on Wikibooks and Wikinews.
[2017-06-20 10:35:00] <happy5214|away> Any post in Flow made by a user that can be thanked (basically read non-bots and non-IPs).
[2017-06-20 10:35:17] <harjotsingh> acagastya: Also Wikiversity
[2017-06-20 10:35:29] <sejal> I am working under the mentorship of Sage Ross, Product Manager at Wiki Education Foundation and Jonathan Morgan, Design researcher at Wikimedia Foundation.
[2017-06-20 10:36:05] <acagastya> harjotsingh, quiz extension the need of Wikibooks. Other sister projects installed it later.
[2017-06-20 10:36:27] <acagastya> If I recall correctly.
[2017-06-20 10:37:00] <srish_aka_tux> NEXT DISCUSSION ITEM: Would you like to share with us any aha moments or frustrations that you experienced last week while coding that you would like to share with us? Did you end up executing any funny debugging scripts in your code that you would like to share with us?
[2017-06-20 10:37:28] <srish_aka_tux> We have 5 minutes for this question :)
[2017-06-20 10:37:50] <infobliss> same order?
[2017-06-20 10:37:51] <harshcrop> write script for converting table in to json format
[2017-06-20 10:38:05] <codezee> yes same order
[2017-06-20 10:38:11] <harshcrop> for my better data arrangement
[2017-06-20 10:38:15] <srish_aka_tux> There is no order for this question, whoever would like to share -- feel free to jump in
[2017-06-20 10:38:42] <srish_aka_tux> Ahha, @codezee and I've always different opinions :D
[2017-06-20 10:38:55] <codezee> ok ^ ;)
[2017-06-20 10:39:08] <happy5214|away> I ran into a few issues writing tests.
[2017-06-20 10:39:44] <harshcrop> any buddy work on debugging script in project
[2017-06-20 10:39:52] <srish_aka_tux> What types of issues? @happy5214|away
[2017-06-20 10:40:04] <harshcrop> particular in javascript /?
[2017-06-20 10:40:08] <harshcrop> *?
[2017-06-20 10:40:40] <srish_aka_tux> Did anyone has an answer for @harshcrop ?
[2017-06-20 10:40:41] <happy5214|away> In one test, I was trying to cause an API error.
[2017-06-20 10:41:01] <happy5214|away> I passed in several different types of objects.
[2017-06-20 10:41:35] <medha> I've always been hesitant in asking about areas of the codebase I do not understand completely, and the same thing happened the last week. Try to understand everything by myself. But it's not a healthy habit when working in a team and I'm trying to overcome this.
[2017-06-20 10:41:59] <feroz> @codezee There were mainly design challenges. For example, how the hierarchical data must be stored for efficient query over the data. There are some models available for hierarchies in database management theory. There are mainly 4 tasks :
[2017-06-20 10:42:00] <feroz> Query with WHERE, WITHIN, WITHIN HOLDS and a Drilldown page that lists counts of all the classesin hierarchical fashion. I came up with several implementations for them, and finalized them with the help of mentors. I have documented them in a spreadsheet as well, if anyone is curious they can find it on my latest blogpost.
[2017-06-20 10:42:00] <feroz> I have discussed all the challenges and how I came to the solution in my blogs ( as well, if you would like to know more. I will share a little here.
[2017-06-20 10:42:01] <feroz> The most frustrating moment for me, is now. All new tables are being created as expected by my code. But the old Cargo Extension code is not able to insert data into the new hierarchy field columns of the tables.
[2017-06-20 10:42:01] <happy5214|away> But, apparently, if the first entry in a sequence was a valid revision ID, the request would succeed with unexpected results.
[2017-06-20 10:42:14] <srish_aka_tux> @happy5214 that's good to learn :) Hope you were able to fail your tests with all possible combinations and do solid testing.
[2017-06-20 10:42:58] <feroz> Sorry, for speaking out of the turn, I accidentally hit my enter key :/
[2017-06-20 10:43:07] <infobliss> We were looking for a GLAM from an English speaking country for inclusion in the image uploader tool. This was a challenge. Now the second GLAM that I am working on is the Amsterdam museum which is Dutch again.
[2017-06-20 10:43:46] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz no worries! we are halfway through our meeting, and so it's okay to be out of order now
[2017-06-20 10:45:09] <harjotsingh> feroz: I'll definitely look at your post.I too have to make tables for quiz extension and ensure that the schema is efficient.
[2017-06-20 10:45:10] <codezee> since we're at the end, and officially declared anarchy :D , others feel free to add their challenges
[2017-06-20 10:45:11] <sejal> everytime I pick up an issue, understanding the functional flow takes some time for me.. then it is sorted
[2017-06-20 10:45:39] <srish_aka_tux> All this what you've shared above is pretty interesting stuff! But, we need to move on to our important question of this meeting
[2017-06-20 10:46:08] <srish_aka_tux> NEXT QUESTION: We would love to hear about the status of your project. Where are you with your project right now? Are you on track with goals, as outlined in your proposal timeline for until the first evaluation period? (For GSOC candidates evaluation date is June 26th and Outreachy it's July 12th (I think))
[2017-06-20 10:46:35] <acagastya> harjotsingh, I don't think multiple answers is allowed on Quiz extension at the moment. Are you working on it?
[2017-06-20 10:46:40] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz I need to follow your blog more seriously!!
[2017-06-20 10:47:45] <srish_aka_tux> I would love to hear from you all for the question above
[2017-06-20 10:47:53] <srish_aka_tux> Could be in any order, we have 13 minutes to go
[2017-06-20 10:48:02] <harjotsingh> acagastya: Multiple choice / multiple response exist, also multiple answers for typed response type question also exist.
[2017-06-20 10:49:10] <acagastya> Can't recall if that was there almost a year ago.
[2017-06-20 10:49:17] <harshcrop> status about my project before the evaluation is almost complete but suddenly facing some code issue i solve before
[2017-06-20 10:49:22] <srish_aka_tux> Also, if there are anything that you would like to tell me in private via email, feel free to reach out after this meeting :)
[2017-06-20 10:49:27] <happy5214|away> I'm not close to meeting my listed requirements, though I must admit they were very ambitious. John seems very confident in my progress so far.
[2017-06-20 10:49:32] <harshcrop> right now working on that issue
[2017-06-20 10:49:47] <harshcrop> and also working on some test data collection
[2017-06-20 10:50:32] <srish_aka_tux> @happy5214 as long as you are mentor is aware of the challenges, and is okay with changes to the initial timeline, all should be good!
[2017-06-20 10:51:15] <harshcrop> we also do two meeting in a week to discuss problem and progress about my project with my mentors
[2017-06-20 10:51:40] <srish_aka_tux> @harshcrop great to hear that! Hope, you will be able to resolve the issues before the evaluation deadline, which is in 10 days from now
[2017-06-20 10:52:18] <srish_aka_tux> Hope everyone is aware that the first evaluation deadline period for GSOC candidates is June 26th - 30th.
[2017-06-20 10:52:44] <harshcrop> ya i will after that i just need to focus one thing all the main framework part is finish
[2017-06-20 10:52:45] <srish_aka_tux> Others folks @medha mine0901 infobliss harjotsingh
[2017-06-20 10:53:07] <infobliss> Based on the timeline in my proposal I have finished making a prototype tool. Also it's working end to end for one GLAM called Nationaal Archief. So I am happy that there's no other priority now. I will do some code refactoring as suggested by my mentor Basvb in the next few days before the first evaluation.
[2017-06-20 10:53:21] <srish_aka_tux> Outreachy candidates its July 12th.
[2017-06-20 10:53:52] <srish_aka_tux> @infobliss good to hear your progress!
[2017-06-20 10:54:04] <feroz> The tasks are little bit delayed, as I got sick due to viral fever. But still I kept contributing as much as I could. Most of the work done during this time was performing analysis and testing query runtimes. Even though I'm lagging a bit from my schedule. I have completed one task ahead, as my mentor felt that it would be great to combine with the task of first stage. So more or less, I'm near to the proposed timeline. But whats great is my mento
[2017-06-20 10:54:04] <feroz> r and I communicate almost daily regarding the blockers and whatever work has been done that day.
[2017-06-20 10:54:38] <srish_aka_tux> @keerthana sejal anyone else I'm missing out, type in your replies!
[2017-06-20 10:54:47] <happy5214|away> I do have a question about the evaluation process.
[2017-06-20 10:54:48] <sejal> i had a slow start but have caught up with the timeline
[2017-06-20 10:54:57] <sejal> now
[2017-06-20 10:55:08] <mine0901> For the documentation part, I am doing better than what I proposed in the timeline. I wanted to code during the internship so I planned to write/update translators but I am facing difficulty in doing that. I try to keep a balance among the hours I give to each. I couldn't find the date of mid-term evaluation on the official site, but if it is in July, I wish to finish 80% of the documentation's initial draft so that
[2017-06-20 10:55:08] <mine0901> I can also write its Hindi version while the English one gets refined.
[2017-06-20 10:55:23] <happy5214|away> How much are the community aspects (discussions, blog posts, weekly updates, etc.) weighed into the evaluation?
[2017-06-20 10:55:45] <srish_aka_tux> @feroz yes, that's what we encourage everyone to do, to be in touch with mentors regulary, update them about your progress, and things you are struggling with.
[2017-06-20 10:55:56] <medha> Yes, I'm on track with my work, and would getting my detailed PR in, in a day or two's time.
[2017-06-20 10:55:58] <srish_aka_tux> @happy5214 thanks for asking the question!
[2017-06-20 10:56:00] <harjotsingh> My project seems to be on target, important bugs are fixed.Some new feature were added to the extension while removing static HTML and using Template parser instead.As my mentor said, we're making good headway.
[2017-06-20 10:56:19] <harshcrop> may be it's all depends on mentor to pass or fail you in evoluation
[2017-06-20 10:57:08] <srish_aka_tux> @happy5214 It's definitely not a strong criteria that we consider while evaluating candidates. Mostly it's whether your project goals are on track with the first evaluation timeline
[2017-06-20 10:57:28] <medha> Having daily check-ins with our mentors personally helps a lot. It's very helpful in our case!
[2017-06-20 10:57:54] <happy5214|away> I have two classes this summer. Daily might not be possible for me.
[2017-06-20 10:58:20] <srish_aka_tux> But, we strongly encourage candidates to engage in our community by sharing about their work through blogposts, and participating in discussions via our communication channels, etc.
[2017-06-20 10:58:34] <srish_aka_tux> Hope @happy5214 that answered your question
[2017-06-20 10:58:50] <happy5214|away> It did. Thanks.
[2017-06-20 10:59:04] <srish_aka_tux> @medha @harjotsingh thank you for sharing your progress too!
[2017-06-20 10:59:49] <srish_aka_tux> @medha yes, that's what I would like to encourage everyone else to do as well. Sure, your mentors would be busy, but try to make sure you update them about your work on a regular basis
[2017-06-20 10:59:51] <harjotsingh> I'm primarily communicating with my primary mentor regarding the work.Do I have to regularly communicate with my co-mentor also ?
[2017-06-20 11:00:19] <srish_aka_tux> @harjotsingh No! You are good :)
[2017-06-20 11:00:48] <srish_aka_tux> @harjotsingh it's whatever your mentors expect from you. If one mentor so, if two mentors so.
[2017-06-20 11:01:17] <srish_aka_tux> Alright everyone -- its one minute past 11
[2017-06-20 11:01:30] <srish_aka_tux> Unless anyone have any questions, we will wrap up shortly.
[2017-06-20 11:01:50] <happy5214|away> You're the only one in PDT. ;)
[2017-06-20 11:02:06] <srish_aka_tux> I would like to thank you all for taking the time out of your busiee busiee schedule to be here.
[2017-06-20 11:02:08] <medha> None from my end currently :)
[2017-06-20 11:02:24] <codezee> lastly, it'd be a great thing if you could put up any kind of a demo of your work done till then by midterm
[2017-06-20 11:02:25] <srish_aka_tux> IF you have any questions, feel free to post on Zulip, I will answer
[2017-06-20 11:02:28] <mine0901> I have a favor to ask for.
[2017-06-20 11:02:39] <srish_aka_tux> @mine0901 go for it
[2017-06-20 11:03:17] <srish_aka_tux> Also, as we initially said that there will be bi-weekly meetings, there will be not, as we understand you all are busy. But, we might try to organize one every month to learn what you all are upto
[2017-06-20 11:03:39] <mine0901> I would like to ask everyone, if you find some time, to have a look at my ongoing work. and answer questions-
[2017-06-20 11:03:39] <mine0901> 1. Is the section I am reading clear enough or should be elaborated?
[2017-06-20 11:03:39] <mine0901> 2. What are the questions that remain answered?
[2017-06-20 11:03:39] <mine0901> 3. Is the topic list creating a flow?
[2017-06-20 11:03:39] <mine0901> 4. Anything else, grammatical errors if any?
[2017-06-20 11:03:52] <srish_aka_tux> Ohh, and also keep writing your wonderful reports, we love them :)
[2017-06-20 11:04:38] <codezee> mine0901: ok will have a look :)
[2017-06-20 11:04:50] <mine0901> I would like to hear your views, kindly message me on Zulip in case you find time :)
[2017-06-20 11:04:52] <srish_aka_tux> @mine0901 thanks Sonali for asking feedback on your work from others! @everyone if you get a chance, please look at Sonali's work and give her feedback
[2017-06-20 11:04:54] <harshcrop> srish_aka_tux : hey we meet at MIT Media lab india innovation workshop at Gandhinagar , Gujarat may be ?
[2017-06-20 11:05:13] <srish_aka_tux> @harshcrop might be possible :) I was there in 2015 :P
[2017-06-20 11:05:31] <harshcrop> me too
[2017-06-20 11:05:39] <acagastya> harshcrop, You are from Gujarat?
[2017-06-20 11:05:45] <harshcrop> yup
[2017-06-20 11:05:48] <harshcrop> you too
[2017-06-20 11:05:56] <srish_aka_tux> Also, I will make a group on Zulip, where you could all ask for feedback from one another, and will summarize who is looking for feedback on their work on that group.
[2017-06-20 11:05:57] <acagastya> Surat.
[2017-06-20 11:06:07] <harshcrop> woh ! small world
[2017-06-20 11:06:19] <harshcrop> what you doing?
[2017-06-20 11:06:29] <srish_aka_tux> @harshcrop Ohh! WOW! :)
[2017-06-20 11:06:47] <infobliss> mine0901: I will read your docs. Seems interesting :)
[2017-06-20 11:06:53] <acagastya> As in now, harshcrop? Writing a Wikinews article.
[2017-06-20 11:06:54] <harshcrop> yeah!
[2017-06-20 11:07:30] <mine0901> @codezee @infobliss Thanks 🙂
[2017-06-20 11:07:32] ⇐ feroz quit (~feroz@ Ping timeout: 240 seconds
[2017-06-20 11:07:49] <harshcrop> any plan to visit india @srish_aka_tux
[2017-06-20 11:09:00] <srish_aka_tux> @harshcrop not anytime soon :P
[2017-06-20 11:09:16] <sejal> Anyone here going to attend Wikimania'17 Canada
[2017-06-20 11:09:29] <mine0901> There is a stream #social on our Zulip channel, we can share with each other the conferences/workshops we plan to visit and meet each other.
[2017-06-20 11:09:31] <acagastya> I am.
[2017-06-20 11:09:45] <harshcrop> mine0901 interesting doc
[2017-06-20 11:09:54] <srish_aka_tux> @mine0901 that's a wonderful idea! I will create some streams today, and will add you all there.
[2017-06-20 11:10:19] <sejal> Whoa! grt to that. That will be my first wikimania.. super excited
[2017-06-20 11:10:33] <sejal> *hear that
[2017-06-20 11:10:33] <acagastya> Well, it was discussed on English Wikinews, and we can virtually attend via video conference, sejal
[2017-06-20 11:11:30] ⇐ infobliss quit (2f1f0515@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Ping timeout: 260 seconds
[2017-06-20 11:11:35] <mine0901> @harshcrop Happy that you find it interesting. You can try writing a translator, only javaScript required. 😄
[2017-06-20 11:12:05] <sejal> ohh that's nice
[2017-06-20 11:12:18] <acagastya> sejal, You would be going to Montreal?
[2017-06-20 11:12:35] <harshcrop> okay..
[2017-06-20 11:13:44] <sejal> Yeah I will be going as I wanted to meet my Outreachy mentors, using my Outreachy travel allowance
[2017-06-20 11:14:24] <sejal> I was a december Outreachy intern
[2017-06-20 11:14:41] <acagastya> You would be presenting anything, sejal?
[2017-06-20 11:14:57] <sejal> I might, nothing planned
[2017-06-20 11:15:09] <srish_aka_tux> Alright, everyone, I'm signing out now, it was good to meet you all here, I will send a follow-up on Zulip. Thanks!
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[2017-06-20 11:16:13] <codezee> bye all o/
[2017-06-20 11:16:31] <feroz> bye everyone
[2017-06-20 11:16:39] <harjotsingh> I bid you all adieu
[2017-06-20 11:16:42] ← harjotsingh left (8b05f155@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
[2017-06-20 11:16:51] <codezee> sejal: do present if you get a chance to, you'll learn a lot
[2017-06-20 11:17:38] <harshcrop> bye everyone
[2017-06-20 11:17:46] <medha> bye all!
[2017-06-20 11:18:05] <sejal> Yes I'll try :)

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