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Contributors to the article in the background: License of the text: CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Related tasks: T133843

Related tasks: T133876, T133875

Related tasks: T133867, T133870

Related tasks: T133876

To add:

  • Help button (question mark, see VE)
  • Add new pronunciation, without IPA
  • Notice that there are recordings for this word, not connected to IPA
  • GUI for description
  • Add selection for pronunciation
  • Record GUI
  • Save button

Contributors to the article in the background: License of the text: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Inline Comments

Transcriptions that the user can choose from. The selected transcription is highlighted.

Related tasks: T133843: Choose pronunciation variants

Plays the synthesis of a transcription. This will help the user to confirm that the transcription gives the correct pronunciation.

Play a recording of a user pronouncing the word. This can help users that know how to phonetically transcribe, but aren't fluent in the language in question.

Record yourself pronouncing the word. This allows users who don't know how to phonetically transcribe words to contribute.

Related tasks: T133875: [Task] Pronuncify (Wikispeech)

Listen to the your recording to make sure it sound correct.

Shows descriptions for this word, from Wikidata, Wiktionary and/or the lexicon.

Related tasks: T133876: [Task] Wikidata & Wiktionary port (Wikispeech)

This pronunciation has no transcription yet, but there is a user recording available. This probably means there is a transcription missing for this spelling, that another user can add.

Related task: T133867: [Task] Input of phonetic text with what is in the current toolbox today (Wikispeech), T133870

Add a new pronunciation, with any of: transcription, recording, description.