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Wikispeech phabricator mock

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Mock of phabricator setup for 2019-2021 Wikispeech project

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First draft with comments

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With the column hidden it would have to be part of the weekly routine to empty the incoming tray into the sub-projects.

  • How do deal with tasks which don't belong to any Component e.g. "Organise a fika for all of the project partners"

A suggestion is to add a second "column" for purely organisational matters, the alternative is to have them in WMSE-Wikispeech-Speech-Data-Collector-2019 which lies outside the current structure.

Still up for discussion if this column should live in the jobrunner project or the Sprint itself

Or "for the future" or Freezer or something.

Essentially capturing good ideas that are out of scope for the current 2019-2021 project

Sebastian_Berlin-WMSE added inline comment(s).
Inline Comments

This is the sprint column in jobrunner, right? If so, could you add something connecting it to that?

Are asterisks the default columns? If so, add a note about that.

Lokal_Profil added inline comment(s).Oct 18 2019, 10:16 AM
Inline Comments

Intended primarily as tags to clarify who is responsible for a task. There can be more than one such tag per task.

Technically they are not sub-projects but for all intents and purposes they can be considered as such.

This lies outside the Wikispeech project tree (it is part of the WMSE tree).

This is intended for administrative tasks. That said they can be included in the Wikispeech-Jobrunner and/or sprints when that makes sense.

This is the root of the Wikispeech project tree.

It is not meant to contain any tasks.

As part of the sprint preparations the Incoming column should be emptied and the tasks sorted into more appropriate subprojects.

This column is not meant to contain any tasks.

As part of the sprint preparations the Incoming column should be emptied by ensuring the tasks are also in the appropriate subprojects before moving it to the Backlog column.

The Proposed for next sprint column is addressed in preparation of each new sprint

The Out of scope columns hold tasks which might be relevant to implement in the future but which are out of scope for the 2019-2021 project.

Every task in one of these should also be on the Wikispeech-Jobrunner board, with the exception of tasks in the Out of scope columns.

These boards are mainly to be considered tags

Meno25 opened this mock.Sep 28 2020, 2:41 AM