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Part of M101.

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violetto edited images, added: Buttons; removed: ButtonsJan 9 2015, 7:25 PM
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jhsoby added a subscriber: jhsoby.Sep 9 2015, 9:47 AM

Is there a specific reason this was changed from the underlined versions (pre-May)? I thought those were really modern-looking. The current ones seem a bit more bland in my opinion.

Did you mean the ones with bevel on hover @jhsoby?

We were a fan of the bevels too, but when we started to design more and more elements, we found that the bevel was becoming less extensible. This wasn't a happy realization for us, it took a lot of courage to let the bevel go and admit that it was becoming more of a visual distraction than to be invisible as we designed more components like buttons and checkboxes.

Will this contain secondary (quiet) buttons and button groups at some point or will separate mockups be created (with this current one being renamed primary buttons, or something else that means the same thing?) Currently only the main mockup, M101 contains these.

Thanks @SamanthaNguyen for pointing this out!
As our mockups are based in Sketch files, we currently have no automatism that updates the single mockups mentioned in M101 individually.
I have updated the screen in this task and will also add a notice in M101 about it being the main file to rely on design-wise.

Ah makes sense, thank you! :)

Volker_E updated the mock's description. (Show Details)Oct 24 2016, 7:12 PM