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Paste P12579

(An Untitled Masterwork)

Authored by Marostegui on Sep 14 2020, 2:28 PM.
root@cumin2001:~# es2017.codfw.wmnet:/srv/sqldata es2027.codfw.wmnet:/srv/transfer
2020-09-14 08:08:23 INFO: About to transfer /srv/sqldata from es2017.codfw.wmnet to ['es2027.codfw.wmnet']:['/srv/transfer'] (9405928213557 bytes)
2020-09-14 13:24:57 ERROR: Copy from es2017.codfw.wmnet:/srv/sqldata to es2027.codfw.wmnet:/srv/transfer failed
WARNING: /tmp/trnsfr_es2027.codfw.wmnet_4400.lock temporary directory could not be deleted
2020-09-14 13:24:57 WARNING: Firewall's temporary rule could not be deleted
2020-09-14 13:24:57 INFO: Cleaning up....