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Authored by Jgiannelos on Nov 6 2020, 2:03 PM.
In [1]: import requests
In [2]: import io
In [3]: from pdfminer.high_level import extract_text
In [4]: valid = 0
...: invalid = 0
...: for i in range(20):
...: random = requests.get('')
...: title = random.json()['items'][0]['title']
...: print('Random page title: {}'.format(title))
...: pdf = requests.get('{}'.format(title))
...: file = io.BytesIO(pdf.content)
...: try:
...: extract_text(file)
...: valid += 1
...: print('Valid pdf: {}'.format(title))
...: except:
...: invalid += 1
...: print('Invalid pdf: {}'.format(title))
Random page title: John_McGrath_(Irish_footballer)
Valid pdf: John_McGrath_(Irish_footballer)
Random page title: Kishindih_District
Invalid pdf: Kishindih_District
Random page title: High_Flux_Isotope_Reactor
Valid pdf: High_Flux_Isotope_Reactor
Random page title: Fereej_Bin_Mahmoud
Invalid pdf: Fereej_Bin_Mahmoud
Random page title: Ian_Gibson_(author)
Valid pdf: Ian_Gibson_(author)
Random page title: Hours,_Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Valid pdf: Hours,_Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Random page title: Geomancer_(disambiguation)
Valid pdf: Geomancer_(disambiguation)
Random page title: Nelson_Mason
Valid pdf: Nelson_Mason
Random page title: Service_star
Valid pdf: Service_star
Random page title: One_Nite_Stand_(Of_Wolves_and_Sheep)
Valid pdf: One_Nite_Stand_(Of_Wolves_and_Sheep)
Random page title: Ron_Prince
Valid pdf: Ron_Prince
Random page title: Gulczewo,_Greater_Poland_Voivodeship
Valid pdf: Gulczewo,_Greater_Poland_Voivodeship
Random page title: Laski_Wielkie,_Kuyavian-Pomeranian_Voivodeship
Invalid pdf: Laski_Wielkie,_Kuyavian-Pomeranian_Voivodeship
Random page title: Coldsprings_Township,_Michigan
Valid pdf: Coldsprings_Township,_Michigan
Random page title: Arthur_Rhodes
Valid pdf: Arthur_Rhodes
Random page title: Lalpur_Upazila
Valid pdf: Lalpur_Upazila
Random page title: Mesenchyme
Invalid pdf: Mesenchyme
Random page title: Carlos_Casares_Partido
Valid pdf: Carlos_Casares_Partido
Random page title: Salem_Hospital_(Oregon)
Valid pdf: Salem_Hospital_(Oregon)
Random page title: Les_gitans
Valid pdf: Les_gitans
In [5]: valid
Out[5]: 16
In [6]: invalid
Out[6]: 4

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