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Output from Wikispeech benchmark script executed on English Wikipedia page Barack Obama

Authored by kalle on Nov 16 2020, 11:49 AM.
Benchmark results
Number of segments: 2824
Milliseconds spent segmenting: 694.09912109375
Mean milliseconds spent segmenting per segment: 0.24578580775274
Mean milliseconds spent segmenting per token synthesized: 0.016021122728597
Mean milliseconds spent segmenting per token character synthesized: 0.0038654262003595
Number of synthesized segments: 2824
Number of synthesized tokens: 43324
Number of synthesized token characters: 179566
Mean number of tokens per synthesized segment: 15.341359773371
Mean number of token characters per synthesized segment: 63.585694050991
Mean milliseconds synthesizing per token: 376.71673898994
Mean milliseconds synthesizing per token character: 90.890680863861
Mean bytes synthesized voice per token: 4404
Mean bytes synthesized voice per token character: 1062
Milliseconds of synthesized voice: 16320876
Seconds of synthesized voice: 16320
Minutes of synthesized voice: 272
Milliseconds spent synthesizing: 10745405
Seconds spent synthesizing: 10745
Minutes spent synthesizing: 179
Synthesized voice bytes: 190831440
Synthesized voice kilobytes: 186358
Synthesized voice megabytes: 181