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Fork of P130 Assign new rights to bots: editcontentmodel and flow-create-board

Authored by Spage on Dec 9 2014, 7:03 PM.
The combination of these two rights allows a bot to turn any non-existent page into a Flow board. This is functionally similar to allowing a bot to create a new wikitext talk page, with the primary difference being what kind of page is created. There is precedent for assigning baseline rights, namely skipcaptcha, from extensions to the bot group. This is not a strictly one way process; if a page was created as a Flow board in error it can be converted back into wikitext using a [ maintenance script] that outputs a wikitext equivalent of the Flow board.
The rights in question:
* editcontentmodel - Allows changing the content model of a page. Possible content models include (but not limited to): wikitext, json, css and flow-board
* flow-create-board - A Flow specific right which is required in addition to editcontentmodel to allow converting a non-existent page into the flow-board content model
The initial user for this will be HostBot, an already-approved bot, which will be enabling specific sub pages for the [[Wikipedia_talk:Co-op|Co-op]] mentorship program. There are currently no plans to use these rights to enable Flow boards anywhere outside the Co-op's subpages.
There are two ways we can go about assigning rights to HostBot:
* Assign rights to the bot group
* Create a new user group that is allowed to create flow boards
* Assign rights to some other currently existing group
As the bots are generally a well behaved and predictable group it seems reasonable to assign the right to all bots via the bot group. Alternatively we can create a new user group providing these two rights and have it assigned to HostBot. We could also add these rights to a current user group other than bot, although I'm not sure if there are any appropriate groups. All of these are workable solutions, but it seems like a bit of overkill to create a new group for this singular task.
Any questions/comments/suggestions?

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