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Paste P16826

Work list

Authored by Pchelolo on Thu, Jul 15, 4:18 PM.
- Patrol:
- Finish page restrictions store - perhaps makes sense to start over?
- UndeletePage command
- DeletePage command: started at
- Less well-defined: LinksLookup service
- Merge config hook (on us) and migrate extensions to it -
- explore usage of Title in Special pages
- Remove Title from method signatures in the search directory
- LinkCache: deprecate string keys
- Deprecate LinkCache::addGoodLinkObj()
- remove Title from method signatures in CategoryViewer
- replace usage of Title in BacklinkCache
- replace usage of Title in WikiImporter (careful about the callbacks, though)
- explore removal of Title from File/FileRepo and friends. May be too big.
- replaceusage of Title in HTMLForm (will have to convert to Title until Title.:getLocalURL has been extracted; deprecating getTitle will take more work)
- replace usage of Title in TextboxBuilder (internal conversion needs ProtectetionManager)