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reload script for datasette

Authored by mmodell on Thu, Sep 2, 9:46 PM.
# This is a script that can be used to reload datasette and refresh firefox when you save changes.
# Auto reload/refresh makes testing changes a lot easier/quicker.
# This is essentially an infinite loop that restarts datasette when datasette exits,
# then triggers firefox to refresh the current tab using xdotool (unix/xwindows only, sorry mac people)
# This script triggers a restart by sending a signal to the datasette process:
# SIGUSR1 causes datasette to exit and the loop below restarts it.
# To make this useful, I have a vs.code plugin set up to run this script every time
# I save a file in the data/ subdirectory. This avoids complex/resource limited filesystem watchers.
# run this script in a spare terminal to keep datasette running, then have your editor trigger
# this same script to restart datasette. The script doesn't go into an infinite loop if it finds
# and existing datasette process to kill. If no datasette process is founed then it loops.
# ctrl-c to end the infinite loop.
source venv/bin/activate
refresh() {
# refresh the active tab in the first visible firefox window that is found.
# if you have more than one firefox window, minimize all but one.
sleep 2
CURRENT_WID=$(xdotool getwindowfocus)
WID=$(xdotool search --onlyvisible --limit 1 --name "Mozilla Firefox")
xdotool windowactivate $WID
xdotool key F5
xdotool windowactivate $CURRENT_WID
exit 0 # don't run the infinite loop if we successfully killed a background process
# restart and refresh
pkill -f "datasette.+$PORT" -USR1 && refresh;
# we only get this far if datasette wasn't already running, so start it and go into the loop:
command="datasette -p $PORT -h --reload ${fileDirname} $@"
echo "running: $command"
cleanup () {
exit 0;
trap "cleanup" SIGINT
# trap the SIGINT so that ctrl+c still works in the controlling terminal.
while [ 1 ]; do
echo $command;
echo "Exiting..."

Event Timeline

vs.code settings for use with

"runOnSave.commands": [

      "match": "metadata.jsonnet$",
      "command": "jsonnet ${file} > ${fileDirname}/${fileBasenameNoExtension}.json;cd ${fileDirname}/..;./data/",
      "runIn": "backend",
      "finishStatusMessage": "done"

For maximum efficiency, replace the xdotool stuff with some applescript to refresh your firefox tab. Or just remove the xdotool commands, but make sure that the refresh function still does exit 0 because that's how it avoids falling into the loop when you run it from the run-on-save plugin.