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Join Wikimedia Phabricator for a smooth Bugzilla migration

Authored by Jdforrester-WMF on Dec 19 2014, 6:35 PM.
Dear Wikimedia Bugzilla user, will replace Bugzilla soon. We have
released a preview with a sample of several thousands of Bugzilla
reports automatically migrated. Your feedback is welcome:
If you have not created an account in Wikimedia Phabricator yet, please
follow these steps now:
Create your Phabricator account at by clicking the "Login or
Register - MediaWiki" button below the LDAP registration form. A dialog
will be displayed saying "phabricator-production would like to have
basic access on your behalf on all projects of this site." After
clicking "Allow" you will see a "Phabricator Registration" dialog asking
you to define a username in Phabricator, an email address, and a name
(which does not have to be your real name).
Afterwards, add the email address(es) that you have used in Bugzilla in
That's it! Your Bugzilla activity will be connected to your Phabricator
username as soon as the migration from Bugzilla is completed.
If you register an account after the Wikimedia Phabricator launch, you
will still be able to claim your Bugzilla activity. However it will take
us longer to connect your new username with your migrated data.
Learn more about Phabricator at
IMPORTANT: Note that some Bugzilla data will not be migrated, like
votes. You can find tickets that you have voted on at
Furthermore, Bugzilla will still be available in read-only mode after
the migration. Find all the details at
Questions? Just ask at
You are receiving this email because you have been active in Wikimedia
Bugzilla recently; we will send you one last reminder when we have a
migration date confirmed.
Thank you for your help!
Andre Klapper (Wikimedia Bugwrangler)

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