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Data and developer hub scratchpad

Authored by Spage on Mar 18 2015, 10:05 AM.
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F99967: Data_and_developer_hub_scratchpad
Mar 18 2015, 7:03 PM
F99827: Data_and_developer_hub_scratchpad
Mar 18 2015, 10:05 AM
For {T308}.
"Engineering Community Jan 2015 Quarterly Review" says:
Success measures: Documentation portal
* Needs of WMF teams, Wikimedia contributors, and 3rd party developers gathered and documented.
* Plan agreed including goals, features, technology selections, and documentation workflows.
* Proposal for resourcing and progressive deployment agreed with the teams involved.
* Documentation task force including volunteer editors.
* Documentation backlog properly maintained.

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The paste doesn't render as Remarkup! :-( So pasting it here

Q3 goal: "Plan agreed including goals, features, technology selections, and documentation workflows."
This document mentions the other four Q3 goals for "Documentation portal"

T308: A single Developer Hub plan agreed and documented

We have Data and developer hub with some content! Declare victory. Now to aggressively improve it.

What's most important to improve? I (Spage) am open to trusted actionable feedback so long as people understand that this is focused on encouraging third-party developers to access our data sets and experiment with our APIs. It is not documentation for MediaWiki developers, though improvements will benefit them.

The plan is divided into three areas: Content, Presentation and Technical

Content (my bias)

Content resourcing:

  • full-time writer, more writer means more gets done
  • Q3 goal "Documentation task force including volunteer editors." could help
  • Outside chance that some developer will be motivated to showcase their own work


  • Smaller design needs
    • TXXX icon for "next step"
    • TXXX icon for the hub
    • TXXX favicon

Presentation resourcing

Designer input time, front-end developer, back-end developer


Technical resourcing

Part-time engineer

General doc improvement

Other tasks

T322: Possibility to pair API documentation with user comments

@Spage, we already have and tasks. I don't think we need to add yet another document to the mix. Let's update and improve the ones we already have to plan, namely and T308: A single Developer Hub plan agreed and documented. I will post my feedback about the current plan (docs) in T308.