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Authored by RobLa-WMF on Oct 26 2016, 10:06 PM.
21:01:32 <robla> #startmeeting ArchCom IRC meeting
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21:01:52 <robla> #topic T138783 - SVG in HTML
21:01:52 <stashbot> T138783: SVG Upload should (optionally) allow the xhtml namespace -
21:02:06 <robla> #topic T138783 - HTML in SVG
21:02:09 <robla> :-)
21:02:14 <robla> hi folks!
21:03:06 <robla>'s topic is about whether we should allow HTML in our SVG
21:03:52 * robla goes to find more links to describe this better....
21:04:45 <robla> <>
21:05:44 <robla> matmarex suggested "We have a HTML validation library (the Sanitizer class) and it could probably be hooked up to validating HTML"
21:05:52 <robla> does that seem like a good idea?
21:06:26 <TimStarling> MatmaRex is not in this channel and is marked /away
21:06:35 <TimStarling> but maybe we have bawolff?
21:06:42 <bawolff> Yep
21:07:16 <DanielK_WMDE_> i think it's important to differentiate between a) should mediawiki support this at all and b) should this be allowed/used on wikimedia sites
21:07:45 <DanielK_WMDE_> also, what html is typically encountered in that context, and how well is that supported by different renderers?
21:08:13 <bawolff> as i wrote on the bug, seems in theory workable but im concerned the sanitizer wants to rewrite during sanitization which means youd have to be very pedantic in writing your svgs
21:08:41 <bawolff> unless we change the upload pipeline to allow files to be modified during upload
21:08:47 <TimStarling> as for (a), if there was a patch in gerrit to allow HTML behind a feature flag, it would presumably be accepted, we don't have a massively high bar for that sort of thing, right?
21:09:54 <robla> TimStarling: I think the bar is "is this secure?"
21:09:58 <TimStarling> yeah, you would have trouble using sanitizer directly
21:10:25 <DanielK_WMDE_> TimStarling: or more nicely, some dort of pluggable validation thingy, yea.
21:10:29 <TimStarling> I'm not really a big fan of Sanitizer in terms of the way the code is currently structured
21:10:33 <SMalyshev> I'd guess the security depends on the sanitizer?
21:10:38 <DanielK_WMDE_> then this could be an extension rather than a feature flag
21:11:12 <DanielK_WMDE_> SMalyshev: also on the consumer of the html. currently, it's us rendering these, not the browser.
21:11:32 <SMalyshev> you mean SVGs?
21:11:45 <robla> what originally started this conversation was a discussion about a plugin where the feature flag wanted was "turn off sanitization"
21:11:51 <DanielK_WMDE_> yes. well, the html inside the svgs
21:11:56 <SMalyshev> ah yes if we have SVG renderer we also need to see what's going on there
21:12:26 <TimStarling> according to bawolff, our SVG renderer does not support HTML, you'll just get an empty box
21:12:26 <bawolff> They were using svg foreign objecty things
21:12:56 <bawolff> so there may be fallback for renders not supporting it
21:12:56 <TimStarling> which is not surprising, it's a very complicated spec to pull in
21:13:56 * DanielK_WMDE_ wants interactive/scripted svg
21:14:03 <TimStarling> an idea I had last hour: maybe we could have an option in the image link which enables client-side SVG rendering
21:14:24 <bawolff> whether or not rsvg properly handles the fallback i have no idea as i havent tested that
21:14:43 <TimStarling> you know there are performance reasons to do SVG in the server at the moment
21:14:47 <DanielK_WMDE_> TimStarling: sounds ok for 3rd parties. for wikimedia, we'd need a decent fallback renderer
21:14:55 <bawolff> DanielK_WMDE: well thats a whole other bag of worms :)
21:15:08 <SMalyshev> if sanitizer follows is seems ok
21:15:44 <robla> #info question discussed: should we use the Sanitizer class as HTML validation library for SVG?
21:15:49 <bawolff> Sanitizer is what the parser itself uses so it should
21:15:59 <DanielK_WMDE_> SMalyshev: i think that page is basically documenting what the sanitizer does
21:16:57 <TimStarling> Sanitizer::removeHTMLtags() is currently only used by the parser, so it probably does some things which are wikitext-specific
21:17:23 <TimStarling> and like bawolff previously said, it works by rewriting dubious HTML to be less dubious
21:17:32 <bawolff> The translated entity names for example are wikitext specific
21:17:41 <TimStarling> so you either have to allow it to alter uploads or have a strict rejection mode
21:18:15 <robla> (side note: please feel free to add "#info" tag notes to get captured in the summary of this discussion)
21:19:01 <bawolff> Allowing mediawiki to alter uploads would make a bunch of things unrelated to this much easier
21:19:03 <TimStarling> for example, unquoted attribute values are rewritten to be double-quoted, which avoids relying on client parsing details
21:19:46 <TimStarling> there's nothing really stopping us from doing it, right?
21:19:47 <robla> #info question discussed: should MediaWiki be able to alter SVG uploads on save?
21:20:29 <bawolff> I think some code has to be rearchitected, but not a major amount
21:20:53 <TimStarling> AaronSchulz: does it sound difficult to you?
21:21:03 <bawolff> The upload code is something a lot of people find scary and dont like touching
21:21:31 <bawolff> but i dont thimk it would be very hard
21:22:20 <AaronSchulz> bawolff: yeah, probably
21:23:00 <TimStarling> UploadBase::performUpload() just uploads $this->mTempPath
21:23:19 <TimStarling> it's not even trying to move the file from the stash, it just reuploads
21:23:39 <TimStarling> so if you modify that file, you're all done, right?
21:24:17 <bawolff> I imagine you would want to also give the user a warning
21:24:31 <TimStarling> sure
21:24:51 <robla> #info bawolff says code might need rearchitecting. AaronSchulz doesn't think it would be too difficult
21:26:46 <TimStarling> #info TimStarling would like there to be an image link option which does client-side SVG rendering
21:27:41 <bawolff> If we allow altering the svg, i think it would be cool to replace our entire validation code with DomPurify
21:28:09 <robla> #info 14:27:41 <bawolff> If we allow altering the svg, i think it would be cool to replace our entire validation code with DomPurify
21:28:22 <robla> thoughts on that?
21:28:36 * robla goes to find the DomPurify link
21:28:38 <bawolff> slightly complicated by that project being in js, but thats probably not an issue for wmf at least
21:28:57 <robla> #link
21:29:14 <bawolff> and i think we would be better using someone elses sanitizer than our own
21:31:09 <bawolff> Since more eyes on their sanitizer than ours
21:31:11 <robla> bawolff: you're suggesting that the Wikimedia instances would rely on server-side Javascript (i.e. Node.js). do you think it makes sense to require Node.js for secure SVG?
21:31:31 <robla> (for third parties?
21:31:37 <yurik_> hi, sorry i'm late to SVG party. DanielK_WMDE_ I second your desire for interactive SVGs :) Graphs at this point can produce SVG output, but graphs does not (yet) support an ability to create URL links
21:31:54 <bawolff> i wouldnt say im happy about it...
21:32:04 <TimStarling> that library does not look like an improvement
21:32:38 <Scott_WUaS> (hi All)
21:33:04 <yurik> so if graphoid was allowed to produce SVG output, it would already be a quality improvement, but not necessarily a functional improvement right away
21:33:39 <yurik> but at least it gives a path forward, whereas without SVG, we have no easy way of producing clickable graphs
21:33:59 <robla> legoktm pointed out T86874 on wikitech-l
21:33:59 <stashbot> T86874: Make SVG sanitization into a library -
21:34:35 <bawolff> TimStarling: can you be more specific? I havent looked at that library in detail im more coming from a i dont like our current approach
21:35:15 <robla> #info question discussed: is DOMPurify an improvement over the status quo
21:35:53 <TimStarling> for a start, it's only 860 physical lines of code, so if you wanted it you could just port it to PHP
21:36:51 <TimStarling> it's apparently just an XSS filter, not a cross-site request filter
21:38:12 <bawolff> Yes, there would have to be a layer on top for parts outside their security model but inside ours
21:38:23 <TimStarling> I don't know how well it has been reviewed
21:39:18 <gwicke> IIRC csteipp viewed DOMPurify favorably, but we didn't manage to finish the review before he left
21:39:25 <TimStarling> it's a lot more permissive than Sanitizer
21:40:48 <gwicke> agreed on the need to layer our specific restrictions on top
21:41:23 <TimStarling> var IS_ALLOWED_URI = /^(?:(?:(?:f|ht)tps?|mailto|tel):|[^a-z]|[a-z+.\-]+(?:[^a-z+.\-:]|$))/i;
21:41:36 <gwicke> parsoid's sanitizer works at the token / sax level, so it shouldn't be all that hard to wrap it into a SAX visitor
21:41:45 <TimStarling> I've got to go
21:42:41 <robla> TimStarling: d'oh! ok....thanks for the discussion!
21:42:58 <gwicke> I definitely think that we should leverage other people's work in this space as much as possible
21:43:36 <robla> #info 14:42:58 <gwicke> I definitely think that we should leverage other people's work in this space as much as possible
21:45:06 <robla> gwicke: do you think we should stop working on our PHP version of SVG validation?
21:45:09 <yurik> robla, do you keep a list of potential usecases? Graphoid SVG output would be the first in line
21:45:36 <yurik> (i meant i will be the first person to get into that line)
21:46:14 <robla> yurik: I don't. This topic isn't *yet* an RFC, but if you want to turn this into an RFC, that'd be a great place to put your case on the first line
21:46:14 <bawolff> Isnt graphoid svgs entirely machine generated (ie not attacker controlled)? Does it need general sanitation?
21:47:00 <gwicke> robla: I think we should look at features / maturity of different options, and then evaluate a) which requires the least initial investment, and b) which will need the bigger long term maintenance effort on our end
21:47:03 <yurik> bawolff, that was my understanding too, but for some reason csteip (i think) wanted to sanitize everything regardless of the source
21:47:18 <yurik> "just in case" (tm)
21:47:42 <robla> gwicke: I can't commit to writing an RFC for this, but that all seems reasonable. would you be up for writing it?
21:47:46 <bawolff> Gwicke: do you know other options?
21:48:05 <gwicke> I haven't checked the PHP code in a while, but my recollection from the last time I talked about this with csteipp was that it wasn't very complete for things like html-in-SVG
21:48:24 <bawolff> DomPurify was the only one i could find that was even remotely good
21:48:36 <yurik> the problem with that logic is that Vega is already enabled on the client, so if there is a security vulnerability, people are already exposed to it (i hope we caught all of them). So just adding SVG output does not seem to increase the attack surface
21:48:41 <gwicke> bawolff: that's the only one we seriously considered back then
21:49:23 <gwicke> but who knows, the web library world is changing every couple of months these days..
21:49:56 <bawolff> Im intrigued by Tim's comment about porting to php was interesting. That honestly never even occured to me
21:50:23 <bawolff> but im not sure about the library support in php for DOM
21:50:42 <bawolff> which dompurify seems to use extensively
21:51:04 <gwicke> looks potentially interesting
21:51:25 <bawolff> perhaps its there. Im honestly not very familar with that area of the php ecosystem
21:51:38 * robla creates an RFC page
21:51:41 <gwicke> I don't think it supports SVG docs, however
21:53:06 <robla> ok...we're coming to the end of the hour. This has been a really informative discussion
21:53:32 <robla> ...and we have a place we can collaborate on prose ^^^
21:53:57 <subbu>
21:54:14 <bawolff> Did we come to a conclusion about the original issue?
21:54:42 * subbu only read the last few lines of this rfc since he got here late
21:55:01 <robla> bawolff: I think the original issue was about should we allow XHTML at all, and I haven't heard any objections to it
21:55:26 <gwicke> "just" need to solve the sanitization challenge..
21:55:27 <robla> the conversation seems moved to "which validation library should we use?"
21:55:43 <bawolff> Subbu: thats exactly what im looking for
21:55:49 <robla> that question seems it will be solved after vi vs emacs ;-)
21:56:24 <robla> seriously though, we have a bunch of validation options we should probably consider in the RFC writeup
21:56:27 <gwicke> the second issue is that we'll need to upgrade our rasterization tools to support HTML
21:56:51 <gwicke> we do have at least one option for that, but it's not rsvg
21:56:52 <robla> gwicke: yeah, I don't think we'll have time to touch on that topic
21:57:11 <robla> let's take the discussion back to phab. I'll take the action to summarize there
21:57:12 <Scott_WUaS> Thanks for the discussion, All!
21:57:33 <robla> any last thoughts before I hit #endmeeting?
21:57:56 <robla> (I'll end this arbitrarily very close to the top of the hour)
21:58:31 <robla> we should continue this conversation over on #wikimedia-multimedia maybe :-)
21:58:44 <bawolff> Gwicke: i dont know if thats actually neccesary for the original use case
21:58:47 <Scott_WUaS> gwicke: further thoughts about the sanitization issue?
21:58:51 * robla regrets not more explicitly pinging them before this
21:59:02 <robla> 60 second warning
21:59:14 <bawolff> obviously it would make more sense
21:59:52 <robla> alrighty....thank you everyone! No meeting planned next week, and the following week has an option or two
22:00:01 <Scott_WUaS> Thank you!
22:00:07 <robla> #endmeeting