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IRC log of meeting on #wikimedia-newsletter

Authored by Tinaj1234 on May 8 2015, 4:16 PM.
8:49 PM <•tonythomas> okey - so let me try to quickly collect what we are doign here
8:49 PM <•tonythomas> if something seems non-sensible - please reply
8:49 PM <•tonythomas> okey ?
8:50 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: there ?
8:50 PM <tinajohnson> ok !
8:51 PM <tinajohnson> So, like I said I'm almost done with Special: CreateNewslettre
8:51 PM <tinajohnson> ofcourse just a template
8:51 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: awesome. but think about these things
8:52 PM <•tonythomas> as given in the description of
8:52 PM <•tonythomas> I hope we are doing #Publishers, now - right ?
8:52 PM <tinajohnson> next would be that
8:53 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: NewsLetterCreate is done by the publisher, right - so probably you are working on the publisher part
8:54 PM <tinajohnson> hm, right. We need to discuss more on that
8:54 PM <•tonythomas> true that. Let me share what I think about the special page setup
8:54 PM <tinajohnson> the pages for a publisher, his roles etc
8:54 PM <tinajohnson> ok
8:54 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: true. Let me paste things from #Publishers from the bug so that we can do a deep analysis
8:55 PM <•tonythomas> * A process defining the conditions in which a newsletter can be created, featured, demoted, closed (actions that might imply database changes). Just a basic framework to promote best practices and prevent abuse.
8:55 PM <tinajohnson> ^right
8:56 PM <•tonythomas> so - that would be a common Special:NewsLetter on the SpecialPages list - and when somebody with admin/publisher right clicks on it - he should have be given a page on which there should be two sections
8:57 PM <•tonythomas> one section or the top one should be Create a NewsLetter: which would be having a textbox ( as you would've made now ) for the NewsLetter name and a short description box. Looks good ?
8:57 PM <tinajohnson> hm, so it redirects to CreateNewsletter for a publisher ?
8:57 PM <tinajohnson> ok !
8:57 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: I think we can have a single Special:NewsLetter page that will show up create a newsLetter on the top and 'Manage my Publications' at the second half ?
8:58 PM <tinajohnson> oh
8:58 PM <tinajohnson> that shouldn't be another page ?
8:58 PM <•tonythomas> for a normal user - ie without 'newsletter-create' permission - the top part need not show up - or maybe throw a message that you need admin rights for that ?
8:58 PM <tinajohnson> oh ok, like tabs you mean ?
8:59 PM <•tonythomas> no - half page - and new section for managing his subscriptions ?
8:59 PM <tinajohnson> how about having it the way it is in Preferences ?
8:59 PM <•tonythomas> tabs. yeah - if it is doable - then its awesome :) I think its doable though
8:59 PM <tinajohnson> like two tabs ? I don't about the possibility of that though
9:00 PM <tinajohnson> so let me get this straight, we finish off with the publisher as of now ?
9:00 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: yeah ! one sec. will brb
9:01 PM <tinajohnson> ok
9:03 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: back. So - what we need to disucss is what happens after the publisher gives information about a new newsletter and clicks 'Create NewsLetetr'
9:03 PM <•tonythomas> copying " nce a newsletter is created, maintaining the content (homepage, subpages) could be done in a plain wiki way for creating pages, watching, editing, reverting, protecting if needed... New content is in practice a draft, since it hasn't been announced to the subscribers. Whoever wants to watch changes can read the drafts and get involved. "
9:04 PM <tinajohnson> hm, you mean the way we store the info ?
9:04 PM <•tonythomas> considering the 'plain wiki way' - the best option here would be - as per lego to make a table entry for the new newsletter and open up a new wiki page for editing - and copy the page_id to the newsletter table
9:05 PM <•tonythomas> it would ease us lot of time and energy so that we neednt worry about people watching and so and so
9:06 PM <tinajohnson> ah ! nice one
9:06 PM <tinajohnson> open up a new wiki page ?
9:07 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: of course. So - there we need to worry about one more thing - Every newsletter will have : 1 homepage and multiple subpages called as 'issues'
9:07 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: of course. I think that would be easy.
9:07 PM <tinajohnson> ok
9:07 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: so - initially when a publisher come in and make a new newsletter - he will be creating a homepage
9:07 PM <tinajohnson> ok
9:08 PM <•tonythomas> so the homepage id will be pasted to the table. Now - we need to know about how the publisher will be creating new new issues. What do you think ?
9:08 PM <tinajohnson> one minute
9:08 PM <tinajohnson> need to plug in my laptop
9:09 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: okey
9:09 PM <tinajohnson> back
9:09 PM <tinajohnson> each subpage needs a page id too I guess
9:10 PM <tinajohnson> can a publisher delete a subpage alone ?
9:10 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: actually - each subpage is a direct wiki page - and it will have its own 'page_id' so I dont think we will have to worry about htat
9:10 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: he should be
9:10 PM <•tonythomas> actually - the problem is - how we can connect an issue to the main newsletter
9:10 PM <tinajohnson> hm
9:11 PM <tinajohnson> how about page id of each subpage have the same prefix ?
9:11 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: think about this one - how will the publisher create a new issue ?
9:12 PM <tinajohnson> maybe there should be CreateIssue page for each newsletter ?
9:13 PM <•tonythomas> true that ! Thats why I was telling about two sections in the Special:NewsLetter page
9:13 PM <•tonythomas> on the manage newsletter area - the publisher should get listed the newsletter he have created
9:14 PM <tinajohnson> yeah
9:14 PM <tinajohnson> but 'Manage' is for already created issues ?
9:14 PM <•tonythomas> and just below or somewhere adjacent to it - he should get an option - create new issue! Clicking on it should redirect him to a new wiki page - something like NewsLetterNameIssue2 and we can store that in the Db then and there
9:14 PM <•tonythomas> looks sensible ?
9:15 PM <tinajohnson> In 'manage', what do we have?
9:15 PM <tinajohnson> all the published newsletters ?
9:17 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: oh - in that case - for a user with 'newsletter-create' right - he should have the newsletter he has created in his Manage NewsLetter section
9:17 PM <tinajohnson> yeah
9:18 PM <•tonythomas> so that he can make a new issue - or stop publishing. There we need to think about something! Should a publisher be able to edit all the newsletters in his wiki ? or just the one he has authored ?
9:18 PM <tinajohnson> just the one he authored I guess
9:18 PM <tinajohnson> hm, I dont know
9:19 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: Authors / Editors: a group of people that are allowed and/or expected to contribute content
9:19 PM <•tonythomas> Publishers: a group of people that are allowed to finalize an edition and publish it to readers
9:19 PM <•tonythomas> okey - so I think we can allow a person with newsletter-create permission to edit anything as of now
9:19 PM <•tonythomas> more privelage and rights can be added later, I think
9:20 PM <tinajohnson> ok
9:20 PM <•tonythomas> so - thinking about the backend - we will need one more table - newsletter-issues which would map newsletter_id to new issue_page_ id
9:20 PM <tinajohnson> if a editor makes changes, it needs to be verified by the publisher ?
9:21 PM <tinajohnson> should there be another provision for that ?
9:21 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: I think the pure wiki way will allow those things !
9:21 PM <tinajohnson> ok
9:21 PM <•tonythomas> when the publisher creates a page, he will be subscribed ( watched ) on the page and if the editor edits it - he will get a notification ( thats the default wiki way - we no need to worry about )(
9:22 PM <•tonythomas> so - the new table would get entries once the publisher clicks on new_issues! got that one ?
9:22 PM <tinajohnson> yeah
9:23 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: so - that would help us complete the publisher view, I think !
9:23 PM <•tonythomas> thanks to all-wiki-way
9:23 PM <tinajohnson> yeah
9:23 PM <•tonythomas> please ask if you got into trouble with something ?
9:23 PM <•tonythomas> have you looked at the database entry functions in extensions ?
9:23 PM <tinajohnson> not yet
9:23 PM <tinajohnson> I'll update the descriptions like Quim said
9:24 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: of course. Can you paste the entire chat as a paste in phab and paste the link over there?
9:24 PM <•tonythomas> I hope you have added that modules to your phab page !
9:24 PM <tinajohnson> yeah
9:24 PM <tinajohnson> will do
9:25 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson:
9:25 PM <tinajohnson> what modules ?
9:25 PM <•tonythomas> you should add 'Paste'
9:25 PM <tinajohnson> ok
9:26 PM <•tonythomas> tinajohnson: thanks for the time. Need to be going now
9:26 PM <tinajohnson> sure

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