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current scap changelog

Authored by demon on Dec 6 2017, 10:10 PM.
chad@supersexy /a/scap (master)$ git log --oneline 3.7.3..HEAD
8fa5538 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) verbose is a property, not callable
027e043 pass -v to ssh when running `scap deploy -v`
28e8422 Migrate from nosetests to pytest
8ad2048 Add some future imports
70c0e1a Add a config key `cache_revs` to specify how many revs to keep
847711d Revert "Swap default bin_dir to something that actually resembles reality"
a29a9f0 Swap default bin_dir to something that actually resembles reality
0d2afa2 Moving lint-related stuff out of the weird utils/tasks
7dcc1ac Minor requirements tweaks
908ac81 Consistently define all attributes in __init__()
869267c Swap Exception.message for str(Exception) calls
fa9df0c Bump changelog for version numbers on beta
9621673 Various pylint fixes for
e6eb25d Fix PEP8 E225 (missing whitespace around operator)
58310a4 Fix compile() mode
3ad58c1 Drop basestring check for terminal arguments
6bd6dba iteritems() -> items() for Python 3 compat
475c025 Correct action for no-log-message
3e59e84 Fix scap git test
3aef7b5 Cleaner `git --version` cache handling.
c1f2ac2 Fix tag_release to deal with git_version :-/
321b4a2 Logging: Don't treat % as format string unless there are format args
f708ac9 Revert "Use sh library to wrap git commands."
5df5450 Use sh library to wrap git commands.
1c8be01 Remove extra call to git.submodule_update
7f98ab8 New scap sayings
064bd7c Basic documentation for terminal ui
91f39d2 Properly capitalize TERM as a constant in terminal
8ac912e Python 3 compat: swap next() as a method for next() as a builtin
35fe643 Swap xrange fallback from six for plain ol' range
862354b Swap iteritems() for items()
7bb7dc9 Just use the direct octals for the mode on the lock file
7d4d202 Use backported ConfigParser from 3.2+
93537ed Fix the change-shebangs.patch
53ea6b8 Stop using raw_input for python3 compat
c274e55 Stop using xrange() for python 3 compat
ae6a8b5 Improve test coverage
8573fd9 Sync submodules for the cache AND the rev directory
f710c43 Revert "Clean up broad exceptions: Exception -> StandardError"
b0d7fda Add future imports to pooler
446ae40 list doesn't have a clear() method until python 3.3+
8994ad3 Clean up broad exceptions: Exception -> StandardError
6919f06 Scap bin: Provide a sane initial docblock with license and such
0a1b88b Fix py2/3 compat with next()
785ac5a Clean up various bad super calls in __init__ functions
53bd706 sync submodules after git submodule update
ab2a9fe One more string for good measure. Silly python
35f0a00 Cast ints to strings for --jobs operations in git.fetch()
8fc96f7 Rewrite exec() call from execfile()
5d984f6 Don't lie when sync-wikiversions actually failed
5557a12 Fix up import stuff in test modules
bf8cc1b Iterating directly instead of calling keys() on a dict
93e9b27 Stop using predefined built-in functions and such in scap code
a613536 Fix up some super strict flake8 warnings that are preventing docker builds from completing
e294bba Get rid of some weird line continuation issues
ccea246 Cache submodules and use --reference to save space
demon created this paste.Dec 6 2017, 10:10 PM