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#wikimedia-multimedia on T98948

Authored by Prtksxna on May 13 2015, 10:07 AM.
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F164309: #wikimedia-multimedia on T98948
May 13 2015, 10:10 AM
F164307: #wikimedia-multimedia on T98948
May 13 2015, 10:07 AM
<matanya> is upload wizard broken ? UploadWizard uses JavaScript for an improved interface. Your browser either does not support JavaScript or has JavaScript turned off, so we are showing you a simple upload form.
<prtksxna> matanya: Its not supposed to be. Where are you seeing this?
<matanya> prtksxna: i get it on uploadwizard page (spaecial:upload) once every few minutes
<prtksxna> matanya: Sorry, I didn't realize that commons was the only wiki with the extension enabled.
<prtksxna> matanya: Strange. I don't see it happening here. What browser/os are you on?
<matanya> firefox on linux
prtksxna tries with FF
<prtksxna> Looks alright on MacOS.
<prtksxna> matanya: The error isn't consistent for you, right?
<matanya> yes
<prtksxna> I took a look at the logs and I can't see anything that could have caused this. There wasn't going to be a commit message saying "Breaking JS support in unpredictable ways" anyway :P
<bawolff> lol
<bawolff> Well commons community would be rioting if its broken in production, or do you just mean on master
<prtksxna> master (53059a2) is working on FF on MacOS
<matanya> prtksxna: I don't know, don't have a smart way to reproduce apart from many refreshes
<matanya> prtksxna: "NS_ERROR_DOM_QUOTA_REACHED: Persistent storage maximum size reached" DOMException [NS_ERROR_DOM_QUOTA_REACHED: "Persistent storage maximum size reached"
<matanya> code: 1014
<matanya> nsresult: 0x805303f6
<matanya> location:]
<matanya> prtksxna: also:
<matanya> does that help prtksxna ?
<prtksxna> matanya: Taking a look now. My computer timed out :\
prtksxna shakes fist at localStorage
<prtksxna> FF seems to have a different limit than Chrome…
<prtksxna> brb
<prtksxna> matanya: A local solution would be clearing your cache
<matanya> prtksxna: did that, and the other one popped up (
<prtksxna> matanya: Can you run localStorage.clear() in your dev console?
<matanya> undefined
<prtksxna> matanya: That is strange, OO is clearly defined as a dependency, and has been since Mon Dec 8.
<prtksxna> matanya: Cool
<matanya> prtksxna: it is still happenning even after clearing
<prtksxna> matanya: Not "NS_ERROR_DOM_QUOTA_REACHED: Persistent storage maximum size reached", right?
<matanya> yes, that
<prtksxna> /o\
<matanya> but the OO is more worring
<prtksxna> Can you type "OO" in your console?
prtksxna is unable to reproduce any of it here :(
<matanya> Object { initClass: oo.initClass(), inheritClass: oo.inheritClass(), mixinClass: oo.mixinClass(), getProp: oo.getProp(), setProp: oo.setProp(), cloneObject: oo.cloneObject(), getObjectValues: oo.getObjectValues(), compare:, copy: oo.copy(), getHash: oo.getHash(), 9 more… }
<matanya> prtksxna: might it be a load order issue ?
<prtksxna> matanya: It could, but looking at, I am not sure how.
<prtksxna> I've hear Resource Loader does take up a lot of localStorage, and if you're running out of that, it might be failing at doing its job right
<prtksxna> Which is why OO isn't loaded on time either.
<matanya> prtksxna: so fixing the local storage for firefox seems to be the right action, is it ?
<prtksxna> The way I am looking at it, yes. Create a phab task I guess, marktraceur would have much a better understanding of this anyway.
<thedj> localStorage is basically broken richt now
<thedj> there is SO much in it, if you use more than one WMF site.

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