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Authored by greg on Dec 20 2017, 6:42 PM.
18:27 < RoanKatto> So I'm reconstructing the replica on deployment-db04 and guess what I'm seeing
18:27 < RoanKatto> There's an impressive data set on beta labs
18:27 < RoanKatto> 3 million edits
18:27 < RoanKatto> But it's on/from simplewiki
18:28 < RoanKatto> beta simplewikis is 10x the size of beta enwiki
18:29 < RoanKatto> shows 232k pages,
3M edits, en is 152k/333k and most of that is probably browser test noies
18:30 < RoanKatto> I mean there's like complete pages with good content, templates, images, the works,
18:30 < RoanKatto> I feel like I've just found a hidden treasure
greg created this paste.Dec 20 2017, 6:42 PM