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Authored by Halfak on Jan 3 2018, 9:41 PM.
1​[15:37:26] * awight adds to questions for catrope oracle
2​[15:37:48] <halfak> awight, I was thinking about that.
3​[15:37:57] <halfak> I think we can do something in the UI safely.
4​[15:38:10] <halfak> Hitting JADE's API to suppress something will return the event data itself.
5​[15:38:33] <halfak> So anything that hits that API will know that the action completed and will be able to update the user-presentation.
6​[15:38:52] <halfak> I think refreshing the page might be a problem. Could take time if there's lag on MW's side.
7​[15:39:31] <halfak> Does that address the problem you think?
8​[15:39:37] <halfak> or are you talking about something different?
9​[15:40:24] <halfak> Fun story: The gradient boosting models are substantially more sane but they suffer from the same problem as random forest WRT ROC-AUC
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