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Community bonding discussion #2

Authored by 01tonythomas on May 19 2015, 10:37 AM.
3:16 PM <qgil> Actually, let's start with bonding period, since it's finishing... soon
3:16 PM <tonythomas> yeah - I remember my bonding period last year !
3:17 PM <qgil> From T97413
3:17 PM <qgil> Detailed plan agreed with mentors
3:17 PM <tinajohnson> oh
3:17 PM <tinajohnson> that we should do
3:17 PM <qgil> I miss a single plan in a single place...
3:18 PM <tonythomas> qgil: true - so - where should tinajohnson be updating ? her proposal task ( or the main task ? )
3:18 PM <qgil> is the main task, so I'd say there.
3:19 PM <tinajohnson> I think the task schedule needs to be more clear, you think ?
3:19 PM <qgil> has some concepts for a plan, has some more concepts for a plan
3:20 PM <tonythomas> yeah - true that
3:20 PM <tonythomas> I think its time that tinajohnson should be updating the main task with the new plan
3:20 PM <qgil> I'm not that concerned about the schedule... I think it is more important to define what are the features we are aiming for in a minimum viable product (a first iteration)
3:20 PM <qgil> and build more features on top of that
3:20 PM <tonythomas> qgil: true - so - minimum viable product would include the special page, right !
3:20 PM <tinajohnson> It would be nice if we can plan what needs to be done before midterm
3:21 PM <tonythomas> tinajohnson: err. I think we need to do that before community bonding period end
3:21 PM <qgil> "the special page" doesn't tell much, we should talk about features
3:22 PM <qgil> Both tasks mentioned above list features for publishers and readers
3:22 PM <tinajohnson> true
3:22 PM <qgil> Tina should go through all of them, and propose the ones she wants to develop in a first prototype, hopefully before the mid-term
3:22 PM <tonythomas> qgil: true. I think she should be doing the concentrating on the publishers part
3:22 PM <tonythomas> true that
3:22 PM <tinajohnson> ok
3:23 PM <tinajohnson> maybe yes, I'll concentrate on the 'publisher'
3:23 PM <qgil> Once this first set of features is clear, then we can have a backlog of additional features that we will add if we have time
3:24 PM <tinajohnson> qgil: do we require the first set of features ready by midterm ?
3:24 PM <tinajohnson> or just the Publisher's part ?
3:25 PM <qgil> As said, I'm not obsessed about dates as long as we are working on the right things
3:25 PM <tinajohnson> ah okay
3:25 PM <tonythomas> qgil: true. Should we just list down what we are expecting of the extension now ?
3:26 PM <qgil> Tina, you could create a subtask under T76199 "Define minimum viable product for Newsletter extension"and work the details there
3:26 PM <tinajohnson> ^yeah sure
3:26 PM <qgil> Tony, I'd rather let Tina propose something first.
3:27 PM <qgil> then we can discuss the details in the task
3:27 PM <tonythomas> qgil: true that!
3:27 PM <qgil> Ok, so for the bonding period,
3:27 PM <tinajohnson> qgil: create subtask right now or after the meeting ?
3:27 PM <qgil> after the meeting
3:28 PM <tinajohnson> ok!
3:28 PM <qgil> Detailed plan agreed with mentors = a proposal for a minimum viable product + a backlog with the remaining tasks that will come after the MVP, and a couple of tasks created for the first features you will work on. ok?
3:29 PM <tonythomas> nice one !
3:29 PM <tinajohnson> okay
3:29 PM <qgil> good
3:29 PM <qgil> Phabricator project created: done
3:29 PM <qgil> Meetings with mentors started, this is the second one, so good. We need to establish a routine, but this will come after Lyon
3:29 PM <tinajohnson> right
3:29 PM <qgil> Bonding period report published, that's on you
3:30 PM <qgil> See
3:30 PM <tinajohnson> okay
3:31 PM <qgil> The official start is on 25 May, can you wor on all this before? What about your exams?
3:31 PM <qgil> work
3:31 PM <tinajohnson> yeah sure
3:31 PM <tonythomas> so the reports should be in phab, right ? and not wiki pages ?
3:31 PM <tinajohnson> I'm done with all my major exams
3:31 PM <qgil> ah, good!
3:32 PM <tinajohnson> tonythomas: yeah
3:32 PM <qgil> For the big reports (bonding period, mid term, final) you might want to find something fancy like a blog post
3:32 PM <qgil> although a subtask will do as well
3:32 PM <qgil> for the weekly reports, I think a single subtask is the best
3:33 PM <qgil> This way we have everything connected in Phabricator
3:33 PM <tonythomas> yeah - I remember wiring blogs ( and linking it with the planet Wikimedia )
3:33 PM <tinajohnson> ok
3:33 PM <tonythomas> *writing
3:33 PM <qgil> I personally don't care about the presentation as much as the information
3:34 PM <qgil> Links and screenshots are good, and Phabricator tasks can take both.
3:34 PM <tinajohnson> ok
3:34 PM <qgil> Any more questions / comments about bonding period?
3:35 PM <tinajohnson> So weekly reports go as a subtask of ?
3:35 PM <tonythomas> or your proposal ?
3:35 PM <qgil> Yes, all weekly reports in a single subtask, just added as comments.
3:36 PM <tinajohnson> sure
3:36 PM <tinajohnson> I can write a blog post for bonding period report
3:36 PM <qgil> Perfect

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