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Zuul hold following change

Authored by hashar on Nov 14 2018, 8:29 PM.
**hold-following-changes (optional)**
This is a boolean that indicates that changes that follow this
change in a dependent change pipeline should wait until this job
succeeds before launching. If this is applied to a very short job
that can predict whether longer jobs will fail early, this can be
used to reduce the number of jobs that Zuul will launch and
ultimately have to cancel. In that case, a small amount of
parallelization of jobs is traded for more efficient use of testing
resources. On the other hand, to apply this to a long running job
would largely defeat the parallelization of dependent change testing
that is the main feature of Zuul. Default: ``false``.
Only for DependentPipelines ie gate-and-submit / gate-and-submit-swat

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hashar created this paste.Nov 14 2018, 8:29 PM