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Remaining trusty instances in production

Authored by MoritzMuehlenhoff on Dec 5 2018, 10:06 AM.
dbstore1002.eqiad.wmnet: Migration to new hardware via
labvirt[1001-1009,1012-1013].eqiad.wmnet: These are holding the remaining Cloud VPS and Toolforge instances running in the old eqiad region (all the VMs not moved to eqiad1-r)
labcontrol[1001-1002] Needed to operate the remaining labvirt
labnet[1001-1002].eqiad.wmnet: Needed to operate the remaining labvirt
labservices[1001-1002] Needed to operate the remaining labvirt
labstore1003.eqiad.wmnet: Migration to new hardware via, labtestnet[2002-2003].codfw.wmnet,, labtestvirt[2001-2002].codfw.wmnet:
This is test hardware for the old OpenStack setup, given that it's being phased out, those can probably be removed independent of the procurement of test servers which are being bought for the new jessie-based setup.
sca[2003-2004].codfw.wmnet,sca[1003-1004].eqiad.wmnet: Replaced by zotero v2 in k8s, some followup issues need to be sorted out, but these host can likely be removed sometime in January.

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