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Authored by dduvall on Feb 15 2019, 8:14 PM.
blubberfile: serviceOne/blubber.yaml # could be the default based on service name for the dir
directory: src/serviceOne
execution: # an "execution plan" (a directional graph of stages to run)
- [unittests, mocha] # set of stages to run in parallel
- production # next stage to run if the previous ran successfully
stages: # stage defintions
- name: unittests
variant: phpunit # defaults to the stage name but can be different
- type: files # publish select artifact files from the built/run image
paths: ["foo/*", "bar"] # copy files {foo/*,bar} from the image fs to ./artifacts/{foo/*,bar}
- name: mocha # default (build/run "mocha" variant, no artifacts, etc.)
- name: production
testDeploy: # deploy to the "ci" k8s cluster, run `helm test`, etc.
- chart: http://helm/chart # use this chart (don't need the helmConfig field anymore)
- type: image # publish built image to our docker registry
tags: [candidate] # additional tags
deploy: true # al final, trigger production deployment (however)
directory: src/serviceTwo

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