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July Meeting Logs

Authored by rosalieper on Jul 5 2019, 3:01 PM.
6:01 PM It is time for the meeting
6:02 PM anyone around?
6:04 PM CFisch_remote → CFisch_NA
6:07 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie meeting agenda
6:08 PM ok! I will wait 10 more minutes, If no one shows up. I will end the meeting and send an Email with the updates we were to discuss about during the meeting
6:08 PM :D
6:10 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hi!
6:10 PM I'm around, for a while~
6:10 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie yah! someone is there :)
6:10 PM Hi mahveotm_
6:10 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hello @rosalie
6:11 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie since we are only 2 of us let not make it long :). what do you think?
6:11 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Sure!
6:12 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie Frist point on Agenda is AWMD updates. The main update is that we have 2 core members who left the core team and we are currently looking for someone to fit in this roles
6:14 PM I am talking here of Samuel and Derick. Samuel has a role at the Fundation which is mutually exclusive with his role in the core team. reason he had to step from core team to a normal member
6:14 PM Foundation*
6:15 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Hi Rosie, thanks for the update!
6:15 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie Derick has been cut of by a number of things to that made him step back. The good news is it will give room for new people to jusp in and learn while posibly sharing kknowledge aswwel
6:16 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm OK, wow, this sounds great!
6:16 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie sorry for the typos. my keyboard is :/
6:16 PM mahveotm_: Yeah!!
6:16 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm But just to be clear, Derrick is still a member of AWMD right, just stepping back to handle some stuffs as you said.
6:17 PM No problem about the typo!
6:17 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie mahveotm_: Actually he left the project completely but we hope to have him back soon.
6:19 PM The next point is Future of AWMD IRC meetings
6:19 PM For some time now the core team has been trying to evaluate the cost/benefit of the monthly IRC meetings.
6:20 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm I'm really surprise to hear about that. I'd contact him privately after this. It's sure going to be a huge loss!
6:21 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie mahveotm_: Indeed :(
6:21 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm OK sure, let's discuss that, IRC meetings attendance has been at an all time low!
6:21 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie exactly
6:21 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Ow, please go ahead!
6:22 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie The original idea behind this meetings was to help volunteer devs solve their problems trying to fix tasks
6:23 PM but we realised that having agenda point for a meeting that is suppose to be like a remote hackathon, finally absorbs time and we end up not sharing much tech knowledge but mostly updates
6:25 PM So we are thinking of changing the meeting formats and sharing what ever information should be shared, on the mailing list and not on meetings dedicated to debugging.
6:25 PM mahveotm_: We made this survey.
6:26 PM please feel it and share it with other AWMD members you know. The results of that survey will be very useful for our next moves
6:27 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Ok, I understand now, we intend to actually phase out meetings from this channel and dedicate it only to bug fixes, the rest should be done on the mailing list right?
6:27 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie It takes less than 5 minutes to feel it as most questions are MCQs. Thanks
6:27 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm Sure, would share with my team members!
6:27 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie mahveotm_: exactly
6:28 PM The last point on the agenda is Some opportunity anouncement
6:30 PM Wikimedia DE is looking for a full stack developers. Since we are a community of devs. I thought this offer might interest someone here
6:30 PM a developer*
6:32 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm
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6:33 PM I would share this gladly with the AWMD team back here in Nigeria, hopefully someone gets in?
6:33 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie
6:34 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm *!
6:34 PM Thanks again!
6:35 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie Welcome
6:35 PM I am done
6:36 PM and we are done except you have more questions
6:36 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm No,, I don't!!!
6:36 PM Thanks for hosting!
6:36 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie Great! could you update the logs for me?
6:37 PM
<mahveotm_> mahveotm I really don't know how to do that!...
6:38 PM
<r054l13> Rosalie Ok, no worries. I will do it later and probably try to show you how it is done later aswell
6:39 PM Have to run now for another meeting. See you! and Thank you. hope to have many people fill the form ;)

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