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Khmer samples

Authored by TJones on Aug 28 2019, 2:32 PM.
ញ៉ាំ ញុាំ ញំុា ញាុំ ញំាុ
ញ៉ាំ ញំ៉ា ញា៉ំ ញំា៉
ខ្មែរ ខែ្មរ ក​ស្ទួ កស្ទួ សួ្ទ
ម្លាំ មា្លំ ម្លំា មាំ្ល មំា្ល មំ្លា
ម្បី មី្ប បុ៉ ប៉ុ ច្ចុ ចុ្ច
ណ្ណោះ ណោ្ណះ ណ្ណះោ ណោះ្ណ
ង្ស៊ី ង្សី៊ ង៊្សី ង៊ី្ស ងី្ស៊ ងី៊្ស
ថំៅ ថៅំ ថាំ ថំា
ន្ត្រី ន្រ្តី ន្តី្រ នី្ត្រ ធ្វើ ធើ្វ ចា៎ះ ចាះ៎ ច៎ាះ
គ៌឵ ៜ្ខ

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TJones created this paste.Aug 28 2019, 2:32 PM
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My screenshot from Windows 10/Version 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

From Browsershots—and thus a bit lo-res—Windows 2008, Chrome 73

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Thanks, gang! These are helpful!

BTW, Erik asked today how other search engines handle this kind of variation. Looks like some of the big U.S. ones don't.

The first two items on line 5 are:

Note that the first form is more correct because the characters are (typed) in pronunciation order, though both look the same to everyone.

Baidu gets it right, though the exact string affects ranking: ខ្មែរ vs ខែ្មរ—both get 639K results. In the second case, the second result is higher because it is an exact match.