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Paste P8999

Masterwork From Distant Lands

Authored by Eevans on Aug 28 2019, 8:56 PM.
restbase1016.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.4T 298G 1.1T 21% /srv/sdc4
restbase1016.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.4T 299G 1.1T 22% /srv/sda4
restbase1016.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdd4 1.4T 304G 1.1T 22% /srv/sdd4
restbase1016.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.4T 313G 1.1T 23% /srv/sdb4
restbase1019.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 382G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdb4
restbase1019.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 369G 1.3T 22% /srv/sda4
restbase1019.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 360G 1.3T 22% /srv/sdc4
restbase1020.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 393G 1.3T 24% /srv/sda4
restbase1020.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 402G 1.3T 24% /srv/sdb4
restbase1020.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 419G 1.3T 25% /srv/sdc4
restbase1021.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 365G 1.3T 22% /srv/sda4
restbase1021.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 339G 1.4T 21% /srv/sdb4
restbase1021.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 360G 1.3T 22% /srv/sdc4
restbase1017.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.4T 258G 1.2T 19% /srv/sda4
restbase1017.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.4T 270G 1.2T 19% /srv/sdb4
restbase1017.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.4T 268G 1.2T 19% /srv/sdc4
restbase1017.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdd4 1.4T 280G 1.2T 20% /srv/sdd4
restbase1022.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 386G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdc4
restbase1022.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 373G 1.3T 23% /srv/sda4
restbase1022.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 382G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdb4
restbase1023.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 373G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdb4
restbase1023.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 388G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdc4
restbase1023.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 393G 1.3T 24% /srv/sda4
restbase1024.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 358G 1.4T 22% /srv/sda4
restbase1024.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 362G 1.3T 22% /srv/sdb4
restbase1024.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 400G 1.3T 24% /srv/sdc4
restbase1018.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.4T 296G 1.1T 21% /srv/sdc4
restbase1018.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.4T 302G 1.1T 22% /srv/sda4
restbase1018.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.4T 294G 1.2T 21% /srv/sdb4
restbase1018.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdd4 1.4T 283G 1.2T 20% /srv/sdd4
restbase1025.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 397G 1.3T 24% /srv/sdc4
restbase1025.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 369G 1.3T 22% /srv/sdb4
restbase1025.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 383G 1.3T 23% /srv/sda4
restbase1026.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 397G 1.3T 24% /srv/sda4
restbase1026.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 386G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdb4
restbase1026.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 422G 1.3T 25% /srv/sdc4
restbase1027.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdb4 1.7T 379G 1.3T 23% /srv/sdb4
restbase1027.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sda4 1.7T 396G 1.3T 24% /srv/sda4
restbase1027.eqiad.wmnet: /dev/sdc4 1.7T 362G 1.3T 22% /srv/sdc4

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Eevans changed the title of this paste from untitled to Masterwork From Distant Lands.