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zuul and wheels

Authored by hashar on Fri, Nov 29, 11:05 PM.
git clone
git checkout patch-queue/debian/jessie-wikimedia
pip3 wheel -rrequirements.txt
python3 install_egg_info --install-dir .
PYTHONPATH=. python3 zuul/cmd/ --version
Zuul version: 2.5.2.dev24
PYTHONPATH=. python3 zuul/cmd/
usage: [-h] [-m CLONE_MAP_FILE] [--workspace WORKSPACE] [-v]
[--color] [--version] [--cache-dir CACHE_DIR]
[--cache-no-hardlinks] [--branch BRANCH]
[--project-branch PROJECT=BRANCH]
[--zuul-branch $ZUUL_BRANCH] [--zuul-ref $ZUUL_REF]
[--zuul-url $ZUUL_URL] [--zuul-project $ZUUL_PROJECT]
[--zuul-newrev $ZUUL_NEWREV]
git_base_url projects [projects ...] error: the following arguments are required: git_base_url, projects

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hashar created this paste.Fri, Nov 29, 11:05 PM

Or just

python3 dist_info