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Simplify the list of translations in the CX analytics page
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The current table showing translations from/to languages does not scale for the current level of languages supported by CX. There are lots of unused language combinations, that get in the way of getting the relevant information.

cx-stats 5.png (430×768 px, 38 KB)

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After talking with @santhosh the difference in published articles across wikis may be really big, leading to the suboptimal representation of wikis with a medium/small number of translations.

One idea to overcome that issue is to break the graph into different parts with a different scale as illustrated below:

multi-scale-stats.png (319×643 px, 23 KB)

  • The scale is communicated with lines and labels.
  • The graph is broken based on certain thresholds, as groups are "zoomed" the color used on the bars is less intense.

Comparing values across divisions is not immediately intuitive so we may want to keep the divisions to a minimum and choose the values in a way that values of a bottom division are not likely to look larger than the ones in the division above if possible.

Change 213817 had a related patch set uploaded (by Santhosh):
Improved analytics page for CX

Change 213817 merged by jenkins-bot:
Improved analytics page for CX

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