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Board vote handles session expiry very poorly
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From IRC:

1:13:57 PM AaronSchulz "You must log in to vote in this election "
1:14:05 PM AaronSchulz "This wiki is maintained only to host elections. There should be no need to edit it, and you do not need to be logged in to vote."
1:14:08 PM – AaronSchulz sighs
1:15:58 PM Hazard-SJ AaronSchulz: That's some wording, lol
1:17:02 PM mutante AaronSchulz: maybe it's an election about requiring login or not
1:17:30 PM AaronSchulz no it was just a poor session expiry error that didn't explain
1:17:40 PM  AaronSchulz and didn't bounce the form either, but just had the error text
1:17:51 PM mutanteheh, ok:)
1:17:54 PM AaronSchulz so I had to open another tab and recheck the radios to match the first tab and resubmit

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Being welcoming to newcomers is an issue in this board election, and this is yet another example of poor software development, not properly tested, from the WMF, which will I guarantee put off newcomers. How was this not caught in automated testing?? It's 2015!

@Greenrd: Please feel free to discuss general software development practices (not directly related to fixing the specific bug this task is about) on appropriate mailing lists. See for recommendations. Thanks for your understanding.

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