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Update [[mw:Template:ExtensionInstall]] to include wfLoadExtension (etc.)
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Currently it only references the require_once version.

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Actually, maybe update [[Manual:Extensions#Installing_an_extension]] and turn the template into a link only.

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Hi that has already be done I did it a few weeks ago. You have to set ExtensionRegistration=yes reason not enabled by default is because not all extension have extension.json and this is backward compatibility.

I think @Legoktm was talking yesterday about whipping up a quick bot to take care of ExtensionRegistration=yes automatically.

Ok yes that's a good idea and skin also has it too. called SkinRegistration=yes

Bot didn't handle:

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I've now modified all the extensions' pages.

Marking as fixed.

the two templates need to be approved fro translation so that every extension/skin will see change since there are /en template for extensioninstall and skininstall.