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Investigate and implement the cross-language search function in the GUI
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Implement the GUI for cross-language search.

  • The user can search ElasticSearch in any language; we can reuse the facets to filter what language is searched.
  • A language selector to "convert" all messages (keys) to their corresponding messages in another languages.
  • A switch to show all, untranslated, translated, outdated messages. Example: Nikerabbit> Nemo_bis: search for "please log in" finds one message in English. If your target language is, say hippopotania, it is not translated in that language but we can display it as untranslated message and allow user to translate it there

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Hi @Nikerabbit @Nemo_bis

I would like to propose a design for Cross language search.

  • We can add a dropdown(acts as a switch between translated, untranslated and outdated messages) and language selector to the current interface.
NOTE: dropdown can be replaced by tabs we are using currently.

Default (614×1 px, 75 KB)

  • A user can get corresponding message keys from the selected language in the language facet to the language selected in the language selector as shown in the diagram.

Propose_mockup.jpeg (886×1 px, 168 KB)

  • Replaced dropdown in the previous image with tabs

mockup.jpeg (757×1 px, 145 KB)

Please provide your feedback, meanwhile I will be working on another report. The current GUI can be found here.

I prefer the current tabs without source language choice. The proposed method with facet + language selector is confusing because the facets vary their meaning compared to the case where we're searching messages in language X which contain the query string.

Let's focus on the current patch to get the minimum viable product out.

As GUI we just used the Special:Translate-like tabs, like:

Messages containing
Translations from English of
No translations from English of