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Prepare presentation for Wikimania 2015 regarding MediaWiki usage outside of WMF community/projects
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At Lyon we discussed putting together a presentation to answer two broad questions.

What can we do to increase awareness and support of third party usage from the WMF?

What can we do to encourage outside organizations to contribute their work back to MediaWiki and the community?

Working presentation outline (Table of Contents) is here:

Presentation slides have been uploaded to Commons here:

Google Doc version here:

P.S. I hate the title for this task. Please edit.

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I added this to the etherpad for the Lyon hackathon closing showcase.

Planned tasks (as of May 28th) and assignments

After my experience at the Hackathon including discussions with many of the WMF and Wikipedia chapters, I think we need to be careful how we present ourselves, our interest in using MW, and what we want in our relationship with the WMF. While some members of the WMF acknowledge the potential for MW use in an enterprise environment, I think most of those in WMF ended up there out of their personal goals to support in the way of volunteerism and world impact. So I imagine we might come across as “entrepreneurs” or “capitalists looking to benefit using their work”. I think we need to adjust our wikivangelism to show that we’re just doing the same thing of trying to share information between communities, but our communities happen to be a “job environment” instead of purely volunteer. For James and myself specifically, we want to share the cumulative expertise of EVA with others within NASA. Unfortunately, it is protected behind a firewall, but that shouldn’t mean we don’t share our knowledge. So maybe what I’m getting at is the main difference between us and voluntary/open wikis is just the firewall. We still have the same underlying goal of sharing the sum of all knowledge within that community. Because we have the same goals, we want to contribute back to the WMF community by using our enterprise resources toward developing new extensions to benefit everyone using MW.

We planned to make a survey of Stakeholder members as a basis for a MediaWiki Usage Report.
Here is an example for a result.

What is missing? What else do we need to know?
Please share your ideas at the discussion page. Thanks!!!

I've created a working presentation. It's rough, but a start.

I chose Google Docs as it's pretty easy to use and collaborate with multiple authors. I've given many access, but if you do not have it please let me know your google account email address and I will add you.

Ckoerner writes:

I've created a working presentation. It's rough, but a start.

I just read over this. Its a great start and a good reminder that I'm
supposed to find statistics for downloads. Sent another email, this
time to DZahn.

On T954, @Qgil asked

Is this presentation in Wikimania happening? At the hackathon or the regular program? Who owns it?

It is my understanding that we are planning to use'_Meetup

Alright, that is scheduled for Saturday at 14:00, and therefore is not directly linked to the hackathon. Thank you!

Hi all,
have seen the presentation and will make my remarks till tomorrow

I've been updating the presentation at the Wikimania hackathon. Our presentation is this Saturday. Since we've sent out the survey we'll be able to talk a little about preliminary results.

Please take a moment to review.