Investigate the idea of a non-WM focused event for Mediawiki users
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Note: Of course, everyone is invited. This is an attempt to focus conversation on a particularly underserved audience.

The idea here is to present the idea at the next SMWCon that perhaps we should spin-off or create new a frequent event where folks using MediaWiki in various organizations and industries could come together to share and learn.

Perhaps it's the future of SMWCon - rebranded with a broader, but related focus.

Perhaps it's a Whole New Thing ™ that lives in addition to SMWCon.

Regardless we should discuss this with the community for feedback and ideas. After (during?) the Fall 2015 SMWCon we should make a decision and move forward.

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@Kghbln, I'd love to chat with you about the idea of approaching this topic at the Fall SMWCon. Perhaps at the next stakeholders meeting on June 5th?

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To my experience there have always been more third party participants than WMF related ones - this may be regarded as an understatement - so approaching them on this occasion ... Yes, June 5 we could talk about this.

I would consider EMWCon, happening right now, to be this event.

Agreed. And we're getting a lot done as a result of that See agenda for next MWF meeting.

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Close this as resolved, given that EMWCon has become a yearly event, and fairly successful? Or are there other groups of non-Wikimedia-focused MediaWiki users who might be interested in an event?