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Stop flattening red links
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This is terribly underperformant and after chatting with @JKatzWMF and @Florian no longer necessary

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If you really want red links to not be red, two lines of CSS will do (selector + color).

Clicks could be prevented with pointer-events (supported on all versions of iOS and Android), though that will cause the "text" cursor to not show up on hover.

A better way to effectively remove the link would be to use cursor: text on red links (instead of 'pointer' as for links), and then have one click handler on the content container (not on each link, that would be slow) and use a jQuery delegate event handler to capture clicks on red links and cancel them.

Thanks for your input @Krinkle :) JKatz, @Jdlrobson and me think, that a Cta (like we have for logged out users and the watchstar) is a good intermediate step to warn a user (e.g. a new one), that he will be redirected to an editor to create the page. There is a change in gerrit already and i would welcome it, if you could take a look on it? :]

Change 212967 had a related patch set uploaded (by Florianschmidtwelzow):
Show a CtaDrawer when the user clicks a red link

@Florian @Jdlrobson, just confirming that some sort of CTA is a blocker..
reasoning: most users do not know difference between red and blue links. Without warning, they will think they are going to page and will be dumped into wikitext edit window--bad experience.

This is pretty much done (the cta included) we'll merge it on Thursday.

Change 212967 merged by jenkins-bot:
Show a CtaDrawer when the user clicks a red link