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Do not show RC patrol UI to reviewers on reviewable revisions
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When RC patrol is used concomitantly with FlaggedRevs (e.g. in its protection version), both the review interface and RC patrol interface appear on reviewable diffs. See background.
Since reviewing has for effect to mark the reviewed revisions patrolled, I think we should not show the RC patrol UI since it is still present after the review even though they have been patrolled already (users might think they weren't patrolled, and do it for nothing).

In core, we could ask extensions with the DiffViewHeader hook.

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Change 213578 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Allow extensions to not show RC patrol UI in diff

Change 213582 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
Don't show RC patrol UI on reviewable diffs

Change 213578 abandoned by Cenarium:
Allow extensions to not show RC patrol UI in diff

Used js instead

Since having also the patrol link may be desirable in some cases, I've instead removed the patrol link with JS when the revision gets reviewed.

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