[Migrated] Prevent the article from being saved if a condition exists
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An option that would prevent an article from being saved if a rule is violated. So if the Save button is pressed and a condition exists that violates a predefined rule then the article is not saved and an error dialog is displayed (or the article is skipped and the occurrence is logged).

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@Droll 06:25, 6 July 2010 (UTC) wrote:

This could be a plug-in I guess. It would create a additional rules dialog analogous to ''advanced settings''. The dialog would allow the user to enter some number of rules (regular expressions) paired with an error messages. The text would be evaluated when the Save button is pressed. If a condition exists in the text which violates one of the rules then:

  1. The save is aborted.
  2. The first instance of violating text is highlighted as with the ''highlight errors'' option in the Options Menu.
  3. An error dialog is displayed containing the paired error message.
  4. If in bot mode, or at the users discretion, the page is skipped and the error message entered in the ''skipped log''.
  5. This process is repeated until the text does not violate any of the rules.

Perhaps a check box could be added to the rules dialog that would prevent saving when an error exists of the type highlighted by the existing ''highlight errors'' option. This might also include the option of skipping and logging the error type.

The highlight color should probably be different than the red used by the ''highlight errors'' option. Some striking color that could not be confused with red but does not obscure the text.

The motivation is that it is possible to detect situations that are ambiguous and need human attention. In the past I've created rules that inserted brackets that created an open bracket error. On re-parsing the bracket errors where highlighted and allowed me to handle the case manually. It's a laborious process that is prone to failure.

I hope that this was not already suggested and declined and that it is not too much to ask for.

@Droll 03:29, 15 July 2010 (UTC) wrote:

The interface might not have to change much. Maybe add a rule type to ''advanced settings'' that implements the functionality.