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'(diff)' links in MediaWiki special:watchlist should display difference from last version actually read
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Each entry on [[Special:Watchlist]] has "(diff | hist) . ." links, much like those on [[Special:Recentchanges]]. If these work like the ones on 'recentchanges', presumably they show a 'diff' to the edit one version prior, not to a 'lastread' version.

Watchlist is a special case as the user is logged in and a user-specific lastread pointer exists for every watchlisted page. Presumably we want to see the difference from the last-read version in one click, not just the difference from "one version ago"? It's possible to get this manually by clicking 'hist', going to the last revision without "updated since my last visit" and doing a comparison with the current revision, but this is a roundabout way of doing what should be a rather common task.

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This is something I have been asking on Frenchspeaking wikipedia village pump yesterday, being sure it was already possible. According to this issue and the fact that it has not changed since about 2 years I believe there is no way to do it right now, that would really be great for people who don't check their watchlist everyday but want to be sure that they don't miss any change on some articles!

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I'm merging this one to the other since the other doesn't require a different understanding of the "diff" link.

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