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Close wikitech-announce mailing list
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I proposed the creation of some time ago, but then we haven't been using it much. Following the idea of integrate, consolidate, and pause or stop, I think it better to close this list definitely and channel similar energies toward and our tech social media.

Any opinions?

If nobody is against, I will write a last email for that list, and then request its closure.


Subject: Closing wikitech-announce distribution list

Dear Wikimedia technical contributor, you are receiving this email because you subscribed to the wikitech-announce distribution list. We are closing this list in order to reduce the number of overlapping communication channels. No action is required from your part.

You can follow the Wikimedia Tech activity in the Wikimedia Blog, the wikitech-l mailing list, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more. For details and links, check

If you have any questions, just reply to this email. See you around!

Quim Gil
Engineering Community Manager @ Wikimedia Foundation

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I just skimmed the archives of the wikitech-announce mailing list. Closing this mailing list seems like a fine idea to me. A few other people have rarely posted to it (e.g., @Pine and @Nemo_bis), but I don't imagine either of them will object.

In thinking about the implementation of this task, I don't think we need to (for example) transfer subscribers from wikitech-announce to wikitech-l. I think a final farewell e-mail with pointers to wikitech-l, mediawiki-l, mediawiki-announce, mediawiki-api, and mediawiki-api-announce (boy we have a lot of lists!) should be sufficient.

A few other people have rarely posted to it (e.g., @Pine and @Nemo_bis), but I don't imagine either of them will object.

I didn't like the creation of the list and I'm enthusiastic about its closure.

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@Qgil Any update with this? Is the plan to deprecate this and disable it admin side or deletion with archives left intact or?

No updates other that I'm busy with other tasks in my backlog. If someone wants to go ahead and draft the good-bye email, I will happily help polishing and sending.

I don't know what is the usual way of getting rid of mailing lists, and I have no opinion about the matter. I don't think we need to keep the archives. It was an -announce list without discussion, and the value of those posts today is close to zero.

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The description now contains the draft of the email I plan to send on Monday. Feel free to edit.

I will turn this task into a formal request to close the list right after sending the email.

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Email sent:

This list can be closed now. Is it enough to leave this task up for grabs or do I need to do any other step?

This is fine. @RobH or @faidon, either of you two care to deal with this?

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This doesn't actually require any kind of list downtime, since we aren't messing with archives or mbox files.

I've gone ahead and disabled wikitech-announce mailing list per the instructions on

I assumed that since no one requested that we delete archives, that they should stay in place. As such, I've simply disabled. If we should just delete them all, please reopen this task and state such.