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Watchlist expiry: Watch pages for a specified time frame (2013)
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Survey: 2013

Original wish (German):
Update sites on-wiki:

User Stories:
Here's the proposal from 2015, contributed by User:Derek Andrews:
"I would like to be able to set an expiry time for watchlist items, of say one week or one month. There are many pages that I do maintenance on or repair vandalism that I would like to watch for a brief period of time, but have no long term interest in. The UI I envisage would just have additional tick boxes: watch this page indefinitely, watch for one week; watch for one month."

Other reasons for short-term page watching:

  • Watch a talk page of a user that you message for a response for a limited time
  • Watch a page for a specified amount of time after a page protection expires
  • Watch a page for a short amount of time after reverting vandalism on the page.
  • Watch a time boxed discussion page for the length of the timebox

Scoping by TCB-Team:
Version 1.0: set-up a limited timeframe (view: edit normally), change the timeframe (view: edit normally), overview over timeframes (view: edit normally).

Version 2.0: set-up limited timeframe when adding article to watchlist (view:article), overview over timeframes and ability to change them (view: watchlist), warning about articles to be removed in 3 or less days (view: watchlist)

Workboard: Expiring-Watchlist-Items

Related tickets:
T8964: Watch pages for a few days only (add an expiry time) was merged into this one

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Change 245881 abandoned by Addshore:
WIP RFC - Look at expiring watchlist items

Abandoning as there will be no point in trying to rebase this once the refactoring is done.
Of course code from here may still be used....

Lea_WMDE renamed this task from [GTWL] Epic: Possibility to remove articles from watchlist after a custom timeframe to Watchlist expiry: Watch pages for a specified time frame (2013).Jul 14 2016, 12:37 PM
Lea_WMDE updated the task description. (Show Details)
Addshore changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Mar 21 2017, 11:50 AM
Addshore changed the status of subtask T129486: Introduce watchlist_props table from Open to Stalled.
Addshore changed the status of subtask T127954: Make use of wl_id field from Open to Stalled.
Addshore changed the status of subtask T127953: Populate wl_timestamp field from Open to Stalled.

Stalled pending resuming work here once wl_id is deployed on wmf sites (T130067).

After T130067 is resolved (which is Soon it looks like), what does the schedule look like for development of this feature? Are we looking 1 quarter into the future? 2? Or longer?

JTannerWMF subscribed.

It appears the Community-Tech team is looking into this, so we are marking this external.

kaldari changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Jan 13 2020, 10:14 PM
kaldari subscribed.

No longer stalled since wl_id has been implemented on WMF sites.

MusikAnimal claimed this task.

As an epic I think this can now be resolved. The project was officially marked as complete this past January. The remaining subtasks appear to be more Technical-Debt than anything, and are problems that existed prior to Community Tech's involvement on the Watchlist Expiry project.

A very belated thank you to WMDE for adding the wl_id column :) Without that preliminary work Community Tech probably wouldn't have been able to tackle this.

Any further feature requests and bug reports related to this feature can be filed as separate tickets under Expiring-Watchlist-Items.