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Jenkins jar should ship with a more recent jsch java lib version to support hardened algorithm
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Upstream bug JENKINS-25412.

Jenkins master could not connect on slaves (T100509). Moritz explanation:

The hardened sshd MAC and KEX setup not being supported by the jsch package which is embedded in the jenkins package. According to the website the current release supports aes256-ctr as the cipher and diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256 as the kex, which would make it
compatible again.

Hence this bug.

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The SSH agent plugin depends on which we are running at version 1.11.

The pom.xml lists com.jcraft jsch version 0.1.42. The lib changelog is and:

algojsch version

Both made to be defaults with 0.1.51.

The jsch version bump is already requested on JENKINS-25412. I have added a detailed comment.

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From the github pull request, jsch is an external dependency. We need to bump libjsch-java on precise-wikimedia. Abandoning this task in favor of T103342: Backport libjsch-java to Precise