"Uncommitted DB writes" errors are getting creepy
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I'm getting the uncommitted db writes error when we throw an error on disabled gateways:

May 28 00:00:37 XXX worldpay_gateway: 26577110:26577110.2 ffname 'worldpay' is invalid. Assigning ffname ''. I currently am choosing for: {"ffname":null,"country":"FR","currency":null,"payment_method":"cc","payment_submethod":"","recurring":"","gateway":"worldpay","utm_source":"B14_1106_frFR_dsk_top_txt_cnt.no-LP.cc","referrer":""}
May 28 00:00:37 XXX apache2: [error] [client] PHP Notice:  Uncommitted DB writes (transaction from DatabaseBase::query (MessageBlobStore::insertMessageBlob)). in XXX/includes/db/Database.php on line 4147

I don't like it. Let's review this after upgrading to REL1_25.

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If the uncommitted write that it's complaining about originates in MessageBlobStore (I think that's what the error message says?) then that's not a big deal. Also, you should only be able to hit MessageBlobStore code paths from load.php or when editing a page in the MediaWiki namespace.

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Normally this message is only emitted during deployment, apparently as some file resources are replaced by rsync. This other case is new, glad to hear it's probably harmless.

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