[Migrated] Possibility to set order of automatic operation (Find&Replace, External Proc. etc)
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Right now, it is only possible to force Find&Replace to be before/after General Fixes. But it's not possible to set when the External Processing will be executed, Add/Replace/Remove Category, Template Substing etc. I guess it'll be hard to implement, but I believe in your skills.

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@Matma_Rex 10:36, 10 January 2009 (UTC) wrote:
How I imagine it to look like: it would be a little window like F&R one, with rows like there, and easier possibility to move row up or down (=make it be executed earlier or later), delete or temp disable operation. Also, a button "Add operation...", which will allow to add custom bunches of replaces or, if they were deleted form list earlier, General Fixes, External Proc. and others from another list.

It might look like this:
'''Operation | Description | Minor | | | | | Enabled'''
General Fixes | AWW-specific fixes | ☑ | | [move up] | [move down] | [delete] | ☑
Find and Repl... | "cat" -> "dog" | ☐ | [edit] | [move up] | [move down] | [delete] | ☑
External Proc... | friendlyIbox.rb | ☐ | [edit] | [move up] | [move down] | [delete] | ☐

;Operation: non-editable hard-coded name.
;Description: editable, just like regexes in Find and Replace; short user-written desc
;Minor: if checked and ''only fixes are these from minor operations'', AWB would skip article.
;[edit]: if possible to modify this operation, they will show dialog boxes same as these that appear now when clicking for example Tools -> External Processing
;[move up]/[move down]/[delete]: self-explanatory.
;Enabled: would work exactly like the ones in Find&Replace dialog.

The dialog may be shown by clicking Tools -> Manage order... or by button placed near Find and Replaces ones.

I hope you like my idea and understand my poor English ;),

@Reedy 10:54, 10 January 2009 (UTC) wrote:
#Options_list, its a good idea.. but there are some that are supposed to be run before others (but this could be catered for).. All that would technically be necessary would be to turn most of the stuff into individual modules that could be added to a list for processing or similar.

@Matma_Rex 11:11, 10 January 2009 (UTC) wrote:
Aw, I was looking for request like mine, but I couldnt find it (<small>I suggest to archive requests more often ;)</small>). What is supposed to run before others? I have no idead what it can be. And, well, I said it'll be tought, but - I repeat it - I believe in you, developers.

@Reedy 11:27, 10 January 2009 (UTC) wrote:
Haha. People get annoyed if we archive non finished ones ;). I'll combine them later. However, i think this is more a v5+ request.. Hopefully where we'll have *maybe* changed to .NET v3... and can look at improving the gui with the new toys it gives us!