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Learn about use of notifications
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This is part of T100528: Improve organization and control for Flow notifications (tracking + ideas). An effort to facilitate the way users deal with notifications that requires understanding how notifications are used, the issues users find, and how the possible design direction fit in those needs. User research can help to figure that out.

5-6 people. Interviews to commence in mid-August.

Target audience

*Active users.* The main audience are users who get involved in several conversations. They frequently ask questions and/or provide answers on talk pages. Needs may vary depending on the project (e.g., Wikipedia vs. and the user expertise. Ideally, some/most participants will have a passing knowledge of Flow.

Research questions

*Question 1* For people who use both Notifications and Watchlists, what do they use each for? (though we're NOT redesigning the watchlist)
• 1a. Do all experienced people think of/use N + W in the same way, or are there different approaches?
• 1b. Possible models: To-do list, Inbox (Gmail), Emergency warning system, Snapshot? 

*Question 2* How can we make Notifications work better for Flow, for community processes (see T105420) and general talkpage conversation
Recruiting: active editors, project-agnostic, Diego_moya, WittyLlama, people who have some experience with Flow.

In parallel: pull some numbers on what people have changed their notifications to, if they've changed them from default

Event Timeline

@aripstra I created this card for user research needs about notifications. I tried to provide the context of the project, the initial research questions we have and the target audience, but feel free to provide any feedback.

It would be great to review this, as well as define a research plan with the methods you consider the best to answer our research questions. How much help do you estimate we can get from Design-Research for this?

Thanks for creating this @Pginer-WMF. Not sure any of us know what resources we'll be able to offer (and on what timeline) yet--a lot will be clearer after budgets are finalized.

@aripstra: what if we used a Qualtrics survey to tackle some of these questions, behind a "Help us improve notifications" link that appeared either a) in the notifications pane itself, or b) via a centralnotice banner?

Not sure if UXR has used this approach before...

DannyH triaged this task as Medium priority.Jun 2 2015, 4:44 PM
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I updated the task description per conversation with @DannyH

Maybe is already considered implicitly but It would be great to get some details about:

  • Notification organisation. Are users processing notifications in the order they are provided in the notification panel?Are they selecting some topics first based on the kind of notification, the topic or some more complex priority evaluation?
  • Response time. Are users responding to notifications as soon as they come? Are they delayed but solved in one go? Do they require accessing to them multiple times to process them?
  • Noise level. Are users receiving too many notifications and they just ignore them? Are they receiving too few notifications and they repeatedly need to check for information manually?
  • Information provided. Is the information provided by a notification enough to get a good idea on what will you find behind it? Even when a notification represents multiple events (i.e. bundled notifications)?

The above correspond to specific issues that we have been discussing in the past, but would be great to verify and get more details about them. The hypotheses is that users may need more control to find the relevant information to act on (notification organisation) and come back at different points in time (response time), adapt the volume to the different needs in a more fine grained way to make notifications more relevant (noise level), and get more details about the notifications to reduce back-and-forth navigation, especially for bundled notifications (information provided).

Per latest conversation with @DannyH, my understanding is that this research is not a current priority for Collab. So I'm pausing it for now.

@Pginer-WMF Based on our conversation today, and the progress we've made with T114086, what do you think about closing this as 'invalid'? Doesn't sound like Collab wants/needs this kind of broad, exploratory study in the next couple quarters.

@Pginer-WMF Based on our conversation today, and the progress we've made with T114086, what do you think about closing this as 'invalid'? Doesn't sound like Collab wants/needs this kind of broad, exploratory study in the next couple quarters.

Sounds good. We'll need to adjust the scope for upcoming research steps in the area of notifications. So closing this ticket and creating a new one makes sense to me.