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Survey for Search
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Provide an in context feedback tool to better understand users experience with wiki search. This will enable us to improve the experience with what we learn.

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Moiz and I met today to discuss. Here is an etherpad with notes:

feel free to add to / edit notes, of course.

Moiz, I remembered that there is also another precursor to an in context feedback tool. It is being used in VE currently. It requires a human to read and organize the feedback as it comes into a talk page.

First, you press on the question mark in the circle:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.09.21 PM.png (752×1 px, 365 KB)

then, you press "leave feedback"
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.09.30 PM.png (467×574 px, 108 KB)

and then you can leave feedback quickly:
Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 6.09.40 PM.png (494×681 px, 112 KB)

@WhatamIdoing we are looking into an in context feedback tool for search. Would you be willing to share your experience in gathering the feedback that comes in? Also, now I know what you mean about "File a technical task" being confusing. Will add this screen shot to that other phab tix.

VisualEditor is using; I believe that one or two other extensions are also using it. The appearance changed a couple of months ago, and we're very glad to have it automatically post the technical information about the browser. You might look at T89880: Improvements to (tracking) for more information about its current state.

Processing the information is pretty straightforward, given that (a) there isn't a lot of it right now, and (b) we're watching those pages anyway. Our biggest challenge has been getting off-topic responses, and that should be addressed now that T91804: Change MediaWiki:Visualeditor-feedback-tool to say "Leave feedback about this software" has been resolved.

We don't track the number of times the same thing is requested; we just make sure that suggestions have been considered and that bugs are reported in Phabricator. If you're expecting large volumes and want to classify them, rather than responding personally, then an adaptation of Guillom's diff classification script might be one way to go about that. (See how he's classifying edits at )

@Halfak's WikiLabels system is another option for rapidly classifying lots and lots of diffs. I don't know enough about this particular use case to say whether it's a better solution than @gpaumier's script, tho.

@Halfak's WikiLabels system is another option for rapidly classifying lots and lots of diffs. I don't know enough about this particular use case to say whether it's a better solution than @gpaumier's script, tho.

IMHO WikiLabels is superior to my script in every way. I wrote my script because WikiLabels wasn't available yet, and I needed a tool immediately. If I had to start it all again now, I'd use WikiLabels.

I would be happy to explore new types of campaigns in Wiki labels. It's *supposed* to generalize, so it would be good to get some diversity in use-cases early.

@MSyed decided to use a feedback survey from qualtrics so it could be deployed quickly. There will be an external link icon to ensure people know they will be taken to third party software to provide feedback. We used a copy of the feedback survey used in hover cards (on Chinese, Catalan and Greek wikis) and iterated it a bit to make it more useful for search feedback. Moiz added some CSS to make it look better, and evolved the questions. I provided some support and feedback along the way, as did @Capt_Swing. Survey will be deployed tomorrow June 18, 2015 for the first time.

Paused while survey is being deployed. Will monitor for incoming feedback.

Moiz has created the survey and is collecting and analyzing the data.