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User preference to force desktop version on larger mobile devices
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The mobile version of MW (e.g., any of the Wikipedias) is great for smaller devices, but in some cases with larger ones such as the iPad or the Nexus tablet it tends to be counter productive. Unfortunately there's no MW-specific way to override the default mobile view selected by the useragent sniffer and users are forced to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to click the desktop version link. It would be nice if there was an account preference that would "Force desktop site on mobile devices" or something like that.

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Is this about the iOS app or did you mean to file this ticket against the Mobile Web App?

Hey Sam, this might be for you…

We've had this request numerous times - it's one of our most common :-). We are currently blocked on how Varnish works. Let me see if I can dig out an older bug for more information.

I didn't realize this was a cache issue, sorry for that.

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I found the most recent duplicates ^ not sure if we want to revisit this or at least make the decision more explicit - e.g. show some kind of message at the top of the page explaining the status quo similar to the BetaOptinPanel.

@FreeRangeFrog any no need to apologise. It's good to revisit old decisions in case things have changed.

@Jdlrobson Thank you! I guess I just thought it was a relatively trivial change. As a developer I should know better :)

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